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Nioh: Complete Edition is a fantastic experience. It does so much on its own that comparing it to the Souls franchise it’s so obviously inspired by is a disservice.

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starchild2350d ago

I've been playing this on my PC lately and it's defintely one of my favorite games of all time. It has the best combat system of any game I've ever played and I love the dark feudal Japan setting.

zuul90182350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Maybe not up with my "favorite games of all time" but definitely one of the best of the past few years.

I think if i couldve played as Keanu Reeves it would've bumped it to "of all time"

DreadGara2350d ago

Any idea if this is getting a physical release?

LoveSpuds2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Most criminally under appreciated title of 2017. I played on PS4Pro back in February and it was a stellar experience, what an incredible game. The idea that if you have a PC with the clout, it could look even better makes the game even more impressive again.

Please people, do yourselves a favour and buy NIOH.


Why Wasn't Nioh More Popular?

VGChartz's Issa Maki: "As I close the book on Elden Ring for the second time, I look back at the path that brings us to this moment. What Demon's Souls began has inspired an entire genre in itself, spawning numerous imitators trying to replicate the formula's magic with varying degrees of success: Lords of the Fallen, Mortal Shell, Immortal Unchained, The Surge, even The Legend of Zelda bears signs of how much FromSoftware's DNA has dispersed throughout the video game world.

But of all the descendants that came along, only one possessed the potential to challenge the throne in any meaningful way: the Nioh series. Initially released in 2017 and 2020, Team Ninja's Onimusha/Ninja Gaiden inspired action/RPG drastically improves upon the established paradigm, yet always seems to get swept under the rug and (at best) given little more than token acknowledgment by FromSoftware's fanbase.... so what is it about Nioh that's kept it on the sidelines of popularity?"

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GoodGuy09475d ago

Agreed. I'd consider it the best souls clone. It's own take was amazing imo. Can't wait for Wo Long.

Crows90475d ago

Which is why I'm confused when they say why it wasn't more popular. It is the most popular after from software titles.

coolbeans475d ago

I think the thing is *the gap* between that and From Software titles though. You'd think it have the same grab as Dark Souls for being one of the best clones.

At least, that's how I interpret the meaning.

Crows90475d ago (Edited 475d ago )


Except it's not a clone. The gameplay mechanics and combat are vastly different. The only similarity is difficulty.

If you play it like a souls game then you die.

I must be alone here but I find that most people don't know how to compare games at all. They said Jedi survivor is sekiro....I mean wtf?! Now this game is supposedly a souls clone....do these people actually play these games?

lucian229475d ago

the game has a horrible inventory and looty system; there is no exploration, lots of levels feel rehashed, and the mission based structure is bad. I enjoyed nioh 2 but the same issues persisted. it really isn't much like souls at all. it's more of a dumbed down ninja gaiden

coolbeans474d ago


Fair enough. But I'm just using that term loosely with regards to what's categorized as Soulslikes. I see Nioh listed among them all the time.

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X-23475d ago

Nioh and especially Nioh 2 are the very definition of sleeper titles, the character creator in Nioh 2 alone was well worth it, I feel like Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is going to be very successful though and they'll finally get the recognition they deserve, for their take on the Souls genre.

blackblades475d ago

They did sold millions like 5million back in 2021, they also gave it out to ps+ last year. Wo long feels much faster and fun hopefully it do well since its on both consoles this time.

FlavorLav01475d ago

Fantastic games. Probably too difficult for casuals to enjoy, and the story felt a little cheesy/tacked on. Mechanic-wise they were very deep for a melee action game and the boss fights were intense. Super fun. If you’ve got grit to push through their learning curve I couldn’t recommend them enough.

nitus10475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I have not played NioH 2 yet even though I do have it. I just recently got a PS5 and have upgraded my PS4 version of "The Witcher 3" to the PS5 version (it's free) and that game along with "Horizon Zero Dawn" is taking up hours of my time. I also restarted NioH 1, Dark Souls 2 and 3, Bloodborne and I also have "HZD The Forbidden West" although I don't want to start that untill I have finished HZD. Sigh!

BTW. In NioH if you get the Onmyo Magic "Sloth" it makes the game easier since it actually slows down the enemy for a short period of time. Of course if the enemy is really fast and some are, it is possble to miss with this spell.

Duke19475d ago

Great games but oppressively hard imo. I loved both but could finish neither because eventually hit a wall with a boss

Crows90475d ago

Well...that's likey because 5heyre not exactly souls games. It's heavy on rpg and builds. Having good equipment goes a long way. Much more equipment based than traditional souls.

Duke19475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

That’s fair. The last boss I remember attempting was a Snake/ lady in a cave in Nioh 2. I thought I was well geared but for the life of me I couldn’t do it

GoodGuy09475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Yea you do die from 2-3 hits and even one shotted. It's definitely a game that has a big learning curve. Definitely don't play it like souls and go for aggression.

For Nioh 2, Onmyo and Ninja skills are very powerful so always use them even on weak enemies and get those proficiencies up and use them to your advantage.
I highly recommend using Phantom form for its quickness and much easier burst counter.
And ofc, always use ki pulse. Keeping up your ki is very important.

As for Nioh 1...that game was much harder imo lol. I gave up on the game for like a year before finally beating it. Ninja and magic skills are best so I'd put a lot of lv points on those. Do dojos for mastery, do side missions and get those locks for skill points.

I recommend also calling in friendlies to help you out as well. Bosses become pretty easy with them.

TheColbertinator475d ago

Onimusha was too good for us ungrateful fools back then.