Nioh shipments and digital sales top three million

Total shipments and digital sales for Nioh have exceeded three million worldwide, publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja announced. The game was last reported at 2.5 million sales in February 2019, and before that, at two million sales in May 2018. Nioh first launched worldwide for PlayStation 4 in February 2017, followed by PC via Steam in November 2017.

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nitus101135d ago

If you had a PS+ account (Sorry can't speak for XBox1) you could have got the base game for free.

The introduction where you escape from the Tower of London is fairly easy although if you try to melee enemies or attack heavily armoured guards without some skill then you will die very quickly.

Many would classify this game as "Souls-like" and while there are some comparisons the fighting styles are much more comprehensive in that you have three stances which can dramatically change how you attack. In addition you over time and training you can gain Ninja and Onmyoji (ie. magic) techniques as well as Samurai (you start at a base level) skills.

Yes, there is nothing like backstabs and headshots (mini cannon, rifle and bow) to get the blood going. Unfortunately, the enemies can also do the same to you and it is always a good idea not to get involved in mob enemy fights were possible.

One thing you will see on your map are twilight missions. Take one that has a higher level (say +5) than what you are currently at and you may as well commit "seppuku" or “harakiri” (you really can do this) although you can get some quite good rewards if you can survive.😊

BTW. If you are playing online you will most likely see graves (even in offline you will still see a few) of people who have died. Touch one and the "now" zombie will attack you. Be very careful you are warned what the level and some of the attributes and weapons of the "zombie" are and if its level is much higher than your level there is a good chance you will die. You may be able to get some better weapons and armour though, so take a chance. 😣

Like all the Souls games you are going to die a lot when playing NioH, especially when playing for the first time.

SourtreeDing1135d ago

i got it from PS plus i couldnt get into it, something felt off idky i like the beta yrs back. maybe the starting stage was just ugly.

SamPao1135d ago

The starting stage is pretty ugly. I agree. Its more atmospheric after you arrive on the island :)

phoenixwing1135d ago

Im currently playing it and im having fun with it. Its definitely more fun once you beat the starting stage.

Thundercat771135d ago

So happy for Team Ninja. NiOh is an amazing game. So hyped to play NiOh2 and the new IP they want to create for PS5.

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Muzikguy1135d ago

Look at that. No complaining about lower than expectation sales targets and even getting a sequel. Makes you wonder what's going on with some of the other guys

AK911134d ago

Congrats team Ninja.

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