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Hardcore Gamer: WipeOut Omega Collection’s upcoming VR addition is an absolute must play for PSVR owners. Fortunately, the update will be available free of charge when it arrives in 2018.

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codelyoko332d ago

I can already imagine the motion sickness.

radiantmind13332d ago

I pretty much live in my PSVR.. 3-5hrs playtime at a time, daily. I have never gotten any motion sickness. Skyrim, DriveClub, Starblood Arena and every other demo out.

JaguarEvolved332d ago

I like psvr a lot and I can't wait to get this game.

Babadook7332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

You are one of the fortunate ones. I get motion sick from some vr games. Still, I’ve got wipeout ordered since this update was announced and hoping I can handle it.

chris235332d ago

someone got no clue what he or she is talking about. motion sickness only gets mentioned from kids who don‘t own a psvr and have read something about it. motion sickness is gone with every game after 1 week regular use. max.

toddybad331d ago

I get motion sickness from it a lot. My daughter doesn't.we're all different.

ILostMyMind332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Motion sickness os for the weaks. 💪

You need to train your brain.

FyBy331d ago

Hey it really depends on optimalization. In driveclub I sometimes felt dizziness, but in gt sport never. I also tried several games and also doom vfr. There it really depends on controls. So motion sickness doesnt depends so much on type of game but on interface and controls of the game (not button mapping but system of moving etc...). In farpoint I realized, that what makes lack of diziness is lack of turning on controller. And also I realized, that in driveclub not turns but sliding through the turns made me feel dizzy. So in wipeout I can imagine will be everything ok.

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Matrix6332d ago

I'd definitely get it when I finally purchase a PSVR...and a spew bucket! :D

Reese_____332d ago

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FyBy331d ago

Hey man! Now wipeout is part of sale (it was already discounted to 20 bucks) when you buy two games, you get 10% sale. So I bought wipeout with last guardian for 36 bucks. No time to wait ;-) I live in EU. Dont know how is sale going in other regions,

Matrix6331d ago

That's a great deal! Thanks.

mcstorm332d ago

I am still not sold on VR in gaming but it's good to see another game get support for it as for it to be a hit it needs games. I still don't see it being the next big thing in gaming as for me I don't see how some games will work in vr for example fifa or NHL even games like Street fighter and KI. But the tech is still young and devs may work them out.

I'm hoping Sony start to throw more 1st party support behind the devices as it's not had much from its big games so far in horizon and gts but I bet wipe out cold be a fun game in vr as racers work well in vr.

RpgSama332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Not every game has to be a "Virtual Reality" Game, one of the best features of PlayStation VR is that you can use it as a regular screen.
There are a trio of (simulated) viewing sizes: 117 inches, 163 inches and 226 inches. the default 163-inch size encompass your entire field of view, while the gargantuan one require you to move your head from side to side if you want to see everything at once. The only downside is that the bigger the size, the lower the resolution, but this will eventually be solved in future upgrades.

For anyone who lives in a small appartment having a simulated 163" screen is amazing.

mcstorm332d ago

I know what you are saying but for me I perfer playing my games on my 60" TV than putting a headset eps as I have a new born baby. This for me is the issue with vr is it has very big disadvantages over the way people relax and play games.

RauLeCreuset332d ago

"I still don't see it being the next big thing in gaming as for me I don't see how some games will work in vr for example fifa or NHL even games like Street fighter and KI."

I don't know if I would want that. There's no need to force it where it doesn't work.

I think PSVR is settling into a nice groove when it comes to the support and implementation of controls. Devs/pubs are getting a better idea of what to put on the system, and Skyrim has taught some lessons about moving toward making customizable settings the standard and letting users pick which work for them.

mcstorm332d ago

I get that but the issue vr has is the same as ps move or kinect in that it's an add on and an expensive one at that and if it can't be adapted around the big selling games then it will never become the big selling hardware people think it could but will also not get the support it needs to grow to. For example gts has not got much vr support and I don't think project cars 2 got vr support on the PS4 to even though it got it on the pc and it's little things like this that will not help the hardware imo.

radiantmind13332d ago

Everyone of those games would work in VR. There are some really good 3rd person platformers, Moss coming out next year is a great example of one. And I would love to see a 1st person version of football.

mcstorm332d ago

Ide love to see that too but I just don't see it working plus it would has have to be another be a player type of football which alot don't tend to play anymore and I also don't see it working as there would be a lot of head movement needed to see the pitch ball tackles ect. It would be the same with the Nhl and again I don't see that working. But I am definitely open to giving it a go if it dose

moomin332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Motion sickness disappeared for me by 3rd day. Like driving a car or playing gaming for the first time the more you play the easier it becomes. Oh I highly recommend taking it slow when you first use it, like move head smoothly rather than 'Jerky look' until your brain gets accustomed to it. Similar analogy... No one first gets in car and speeds of at 80mph and expects to control it!
And ease of comfort is amazing. I lie on my sofa, psvr resting on a cushion and I'm watching Netflix, anime, films and gaming in cinema mode. It's totally relaxing and I've got a virtually screen the size of Imax strapped to my head! As soon as VR gets even sharper I can easily see this replacing my 49" 4k tv screen. It's difficult now for me to go back to a tiny screen and sit up to watch TV, when I'd rather have huge vision and lying comfortable on me sofa :)

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