Driveclub vs. GT Sport - Which Is The Best Racing Game For You?

Two racing giants, head to head. Which crosses the finish line first? This article looks at which title ticks the most boxes for you.

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Zero_Suit_Samus359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

I’m going to have to go with Driveclub. The sense of speed has you on the edge of your seat.

The weather is second to none and unlike some I actually like the handling model which is a mix between simulation and arcade. Not every game needs to be a simulation.

The menus system are also very streamlined, responsive, and the loading times are fast. Literally 15 seconds and your ready to go.

I’ll never forgive Sony for shutting Evolution Studios down. While Driveclub came out of the gate unfinished, I think they deserved a second chance.

Btw: Anyone know what happened to the game engine Evolution Studios built for Driveclub?

PSG4MER359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Weather effects are stunning with Driveclub, for me, the best you'll find on any console, period.

Zero_Suit_Samus359d ago

I agree. It’s been over 3 years since Driveclub launched and the weather effects are still the best out there.

VforVideogames358d ago (Edited 358d ago )


Driveclub vs. GT Sport - Which Is The Best Racing Game For You?
FM7 nuff said. (is not about sales its about the best racing game)

Prince-Ali357d ago

Then why did you mention FM7 when it wasn't A) mentioned, and B) its a PS4 comparison lool...?

shloobmm3357d ago

DriveClubs weather effects are far from the best. For instance the rain drops are all predetermined patterns on your windshield. The streaks are always the same where in newer games like Forza Horizon 2, Forza Horizon 3, Forza 6 and Forza 7 they are all individuals drops and have their own physics. So they all move independently of each other. DC would be th ebest only if you have never played the new Forza games which I imagine most of yall haven't.

Father__Merrin357d ago


FM is almost dying off now, its an irrelevant game fanboy reviews hasnt helped it one bit

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Knushwood Butt358d ago

I agree with everything you say about DC, but even though I love it, I vote for GT.

Side note, but I spent tens of hours playing DC with a pad, and it worked great, but when I finally played it with a wheel recently, the experience was disappointing.

I too wonder what happened to the game engine. Hope it gets a new lease of life.

KickSpinFilter357d ago

Humm I played DC with a wheel and it was much better, my first race even. DSFDF I guess.

mcstorm357d ago

I remember seeing DC for the 1st time and I had a ps4 on pre order as I wanted it for than forza 5 at the time but when it got pushed back I changed to the xbox one as I'm a racing fan and there was no racing game in the PS4 at the time. For me I always felt the developers did not get chance to finish DC even with the later patches I think think the idea of DC is it would be Sonys rival to forza Horizon. Ashame the game did not do to well and was put out unfinished and even more the studio was closed. That said I hate when people compare a sim to an arcade game for me they are both different types of games and depending on what type of game you like depends on what you should get imo.

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Cyborgg358d ago

Drive Club graphics is amazing

badz149358d ago

I've been binge playing Driveclub for literally everyday for over a year since launch and have 100% everything and the bikes too. Great game. Now I play Dirt Rally and just bought GTS. Planning to play that just how I play Driveclub

snoopgg358d ago

Agree, I wanted a ps4 motorstorm by evolution studio's

SonyStyled358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

I thought the evo twitter guy said the tech behind driveclub went with them in the merger with codemasters. I remember he had a unique last name. I remember hearing that because the community was pleased the tech wasn’t going to waste

Knushwood Butt358d ago

Sony sold the engine to Codemasters?

Majin-vegeta357d ago

Doubt Sony would let in house property be taken.

SonyStyled357d ago

Knushwood, reading comprehension avoids unnecessary downvotes. I said the tech behind the game went with them to codemasters. Not the engine itself. The team at evolution responsible for the development of the engine now work for codemasters. You can look this stuff up. Your on the Internet

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Aceman18357d ago

I own both so that means both are good for me 👍

deadfrag357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Dont worry almost every member of Evolution Team is working for the best racing developer in the world Codemasters and they already working on a new game call OnRush.Maybe they can add some of that good work they have done on Driveclub to OnRush or the next Grid game.How Grid i just love that game.

sampsonon357d ago

where were all these likes/support when the game launched? wow!

LateNightThirst357d ago

Engine is proprietary, it exists within Sony's in house groups. So they can use it whenever

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Kribwalker359d ago

Neither. There are far better racing games on the ps4 then those 2

Zero_Suit_Samus359d ago

Like? Don’t say PC2 either.

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IRetrouk358d ago

Is gt6 on now?? I dont think it is, my wife uses that now crap and would have told me if gt6 was added.

Knushwood Butt358d ago ShowReplies(8)
Silly gameAr358d ago

I wish you would stop posing.

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LoveSpuds357d ago

Another Playstation article, another negative post from Kribwalker, how can you comment when you have never played either title? I have never known a more negative commenter on these threads, you bring nothing in the way of meaningful discourse. I long for the days where we had bubbles so we would only have to see one of your comments in each thread.

Don't you get tired of this bullshit, just enjoy games, stick to threads you can bring positive energy to instead!

Kribwalker357d ago

i own driveclub and was in the GTsport open trial. Driveclub isn’t a very good racing game other then graphics and i didn’t like the Gtsport . Dirt Rally or Wipeout are much more fun racing games.

UCForce357d ago

@Kribwalker Driveclub and GT Sports are good games. Same goes with Wipeout and Dirt Rally. You had PS4 but you have MS loyalty just like me.

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RommyReigns358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

GT Sport for split screen couch multiplayer and to race on real life racetracks, DriveClub for everything else.

ZehnDrachen358d ago

I like Driveclub a lot. It's a good mix between Sim and arcade.

Atticus_finch358d ago

I got both. They're a must own for any racing fan.