McLaren has turned its Vision Gran Turismo concept into a real car

First an in-game concept car for GT Sport and Gran Turismo 7, the BC08 Solus GT has turned the virtual into the reality for 25 lucky customers.

ApocalypseShadow400d ago

Dat Vision Gran Turismo. Always getting new concept cars. Art imitating life imitating art.

If it's not "The Real Driving Simulator," it's definitely "The Real Car Creator."

MajorLazer398d ago

Actually, the manufacturers design the VGT cars so really manufacturers are "imitating" their own creations. Still, the VGT program has some relevance, which I argued on GTPlanet too.

purple101399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I saw on YouTube the other day Lamborghini have also turned their vision Gt car into a real life car.

DaniMacYo399d ago

Yeah seen this so cool hope it comes to the game.

aaronaton398d ago

It just shows the talent that is at Polyphony Digital when real manufacturer's are that impressed with their designs.
Meanwhile over at Turn10....Hotwheels, Lego, and Minecraft avatars.


What are you talking about... Car was designed by McLaren.


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The three new cars in Gran Turismo 7's next update

Set for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on 28th September 2023, the next Gran Turismo 7 update will include three cars: The latest Honda Type R, a SEMA-modified Civicc and a biodiesel Mazda race car.

purple10113h ago

Hopefully a new track too in time for holidays. But they never usually say that and you only find out day of release.


Gran Turismo Sophy can now drift like you've never seen before

The AI agent has been showcased at a Gran Turismo esports event by Polyphony Digital drifting a Lamborghini around Trial Mountain in an unprecedented fashion.

DOMination-44d ago

Until it can be used freely on all tracks, this crap remains a gimmick in GT

Forza Motorsport employs this tech on all tracks, all modes, offline and online. Lets wait and see if T10 can actually make this more than just a four week "special event"

crazyCoconuts44d ago

You mean the Drivatars that defy physics? That's nothing to brag about. Driving against Sophie feels like it blows away any AI I've driven against before, but granted Sophie is still not integrated everywhere like you said.
Let's see if T10 even launches with AI in their main events...

purple10143d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Wel they will say it will.

But it won't be like Sophy. ( Which can beat some of the best top level professional sim racers)

Jin_Sakai44d ago

Might as well delay the new Forza Motorsport. Nearly 6 years in development and still releasing with missing features.

“Unfortunately, #ForzaMotorsport has three legacy features that won't be ready for launch”

- Spectator mode
- Racing with Ai in featured multiplayer
- Splitscreen


IRetrouk43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The standard ai is already excellent on gt if you actually don't hobble it, the sophy ai is a step above anything anyone is doing at the moment, and no, forza isnt using the same tech as you claim, its using a machine learned ai, but we have absolutely no details on how it works, other than it using the racing line and telemetry data to be faster around the track, the drivatar system was also a machine learning ai and look how that turned out lol, poly will implement it when it's ready, ya know, like splitscreen an stuff👀

FyBy43d ago

Sorry, you clearly dont know what this is all about. Drivatars are something completely different and much simplier. But yes, Sony plays a catch-up game with MS. Its sad, Sony didnt have even that simple tech as MS has all the years. Dont know why.

DOMination-42d ago

Not talking about Drivatars, I'm talking about the AI in the upcoming FM which T10 claim to be available in all single player events. Like I said, lets wait and see..

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Gran Turismo 7 - Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in Gran Turismo film w/ 1.36 | PS5 & PS VR2 Games

A gift campaign for the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 '18 from August 7 until September 28. During the campaign period, just click the special panel on the upper-right of the World Map screen to redeem the vehicle. Do not miss this limited time opportunity.

Clippy51d ago

For those that have kept playing, is GT7 worth going back to? The way it launched with the microtransactions basically ruined the experience for me and I haven't touched it since

purple10151d ago

That's laughable. You need to pay for nothing. Unlock faster with paying yes, 'but' everything you pay for… you could have unlocked just by playing.

I've got over 60 cars. -Paid for none.

where-eagles-dare49d ago

Purple, I only have 24 to go before I have every vehicle in the game. Like you, I paid for absolutely none of it, all done on the track. Hope the following might be of some use to add to your 60.

Obtain Toyota hybrid GR010 then adjust vehicle settings to get it down to under 800pp In order to qualify.

Then go to Sardegna Road track and enter race.

With practice this race can easily be won in just over 25 minutes with minutes to spare over second place. Every single time you win this event the game adds on a bonus. I think just off the top of my head you get 715,000 credits each time.

So in effect for 50 minutes racing time day you can rack up a quick 1.4 million credits.

EvertonFC51d ago

Do the licences, play the SP cafes and circuit experience and you'll unlock about 80% of cars without MT, it's been like that since launch day.
Not sure what you're on about tbh MT wise.

CML251d ago

They were *never* a problem..

derek51d ago

Gt7vr is the game of the generation so far.

AshleeEmerson50d ago

I so agree with this. Gt7 has already sold me on a PS5 Pro... I'm so excited for the future and I PRAY a game like The Crew: Motorfest one day gets VR.

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