Horizon Zero Dawn 1.50 Patch notes

Guerrilla Games : Hi everyone! We have a new patch coming out today that fixes some issues in Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds.

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RpgSama1280d ago

Amazing post release support, specially for a game that wasn't broken when it came out, I never had any issues with the game thankfully

1280d ago
Shineon1280d ago

This game made me a Ps4 fan, I talked mess this whole console gen but this game right here makes me happy I bought a ps4

fenome1280d ago

You should check out Bloodborne as well, it's my personal favorite game this gen so far. You should be able to get it really cheap by now.

kevnb1280d ago

great game, although I admit that I started skipping the cut scenes at some point.

rainslacker1280d ago

Some of the side quests did drag on with the narrative. Particularly that one where the guys sister was the guard captain. It spanned most of the game, and there was a lot of exposition involved which wasn't always that interesting. I did enjoy the one where you had to save the boy king though.

REDGUM1280d ago

Fixed an issue in “The Forge of Winter” where some players would have the Time of Day locked after they skipped part of a cut scene"

Really?? you guys spent your time fixing this......

On a game that's so perfect in my view you guys actually took the time out to fix the very things that us gamers, speaking on behalf of us all I hope, just wouldn't care or notice in a game that is so brilliant in so many ways.


Of all the games that get released these days that can be broken or need major fix ups upon release and are left for the gamer to play or not, you there at Guerrilla Games have an amazing attn to detail and are always tweeking and supporting the game for the most minor of details...

Why have I taken the time out to write this...... because i've litterally just finished the tutorial for the 3rd time and and am still amazed by the attention to detail... I can't get over the ivy on the trees and how lifelike it looks.

Well done guys.really looking forward to this game!!