Media Create Sales: 12/4 - 12/10

The newest Media Create calculations are in. Yakuza Kiwami 2, Earth Defence Force, and Kamen Rider: Climax Fights debut.

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The 10th Rider362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Switch is on fire and it's still selling out. Sales are strongest in the two weeks before Christmas so long as Nintendo gets the stock out there it should have no problem reaching 200,000 the next 2-3 weeks. If they ship out enough stock they may even manage 300,000. Either way it will be at around 3.15-3.35 million for the end of the year . . . right around the lifetime sales of the Wii U in less than ten months on the market. At the current sales rates the Switch will surpass the PS4 there sometime late next year or early 2019 (probably depends on when Pokemon launches). With no handheld anywhere in the foreseeable future Nintendo will have Japan on lock unless the Japanese' preference for on-the-go gaming changes.

Lime123362d ago

Yep, I just wish Nintendo dominates in any other country. In November NPD PS4 raped Switch 2:1 and it leads YTD in US, UK and whole Europe.

The 10th Rider362d ago

Eh, whatever floats your boat. Also that NPD data isn't confirmed yet and you're ignoring most of the previous months.

I find these Japanese sales exciting because it means the Switch will be getting a lot of third party Japanese games. When it's clear the Switch is going to dominate the Japanese market then it's far more likely that games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Nioh, Neir, Tekken, and many more will likely be made with the Switch in mind. Many third party Japanese games this gen have been Playstation exclusive, but that will no longer be the case and many of them will be coming to Switch as well. Having those games available on more consoles for more people to enjoy is a great thing for gaming. It also basically guarantees that the Switch will be the best console to get access to Japanese titles from here on out.

In the US that's not such a big deal. The Switch install base is going to be compared to the PS4 + the Xbox One there. Although the Switch install base will be large enough to attract notice, it's not going to outsell the PS4 + the Xbox One and make the splash in the market that it will in Japan.

Neonridr362d ago

No you don't.. you don't wish that at all. Switch won the past 3 NPD's or whatever. You didn't bat an eye. Now PS4 wins November NPD and suddenly you are all over it.

EddieNX 362d ago

Lime is such a fitting name considering the bitterness.

Prince_TFK361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I just wish you just stop commenting in Nintendo related articles altogether. You are a cancer to this gaming community.

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leoms361d ago

isn't nintendo always on fire in japan?

The 10th Rider361d ago

Wii U did okay relative to worldwide sales, but it's nowhere near the Switch. The Switch even seems to be tracking ahead of the 3DS.

Moonman361d ago

Everything you stated is truly amazing. Go Nintendo! :)

Nyxus362d ago

Good to see Yakuza doing well!

Lime123362d ago

Yep, best selling game last week in Japan!

mikel1015361d ago

Not really. It's the second worst selling Yakuza title ever. Not doing "well"

Nyxus361d ago

Can't be that bad if it's on top.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

? I mean I'm not sure why you didn't even consider that you're only talking about a few days sale it also has yet to release worldwide so I'm not entirely sure how you could confirm it's the second worst selling but it's only been on sale for a few days..

I don't even think that matters to Sega they just care that the game selling at all so when you're reaching at the top of the charts, trust me, they don't care.

Also understand that this is before an official worldwide release.

361d ago
Knushwood Butt362d ago

Wow, PS4 Pro outsold the standard ps4

Also, who was it that was saying Xenoblade would be evergreen? It dropped like a rock.

septemberindecember362d ago

It had the best opening of a Xenoblade title to date. That's still good.

Knushwood Butt361d ago

michellelynn09767d ago
Xenoblade is now becoming a huge franchise for Nintendo and it will be an ever green title

361d ago
michellelynn0976361d ago

Well, it looks like it will sell 200k. Still pretty good.

WPX361d ago

Like Gran Turismo Sport?

Knushwood Butt361d ago

First post in 125 days and that's the best you could come up with?

I never claimed GT Sport would be evergreen in Japan, but for some fun, why don't you crawl out from under your rock in another 125 days and we'll see how Xenoblade 2 is faring against GT Sport globally.

WPX361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

LOL triggered much?
Just did same that you did, some steath trolling.
LMAOing my way the rock now LOL.

Theknightofnights361d ago

@Knushwood Butt

You are attacking him because he doesn't post very often on N4G?

He probably tries to avoid this place because of people like you, who try to troll other fanbases and attack people.

Gemmol361d ago

It's tracking ahead of other xenoblade its first week and second week still.higher than all the other in the past

It's an improvement

DJK1NG_Gaming361d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles has been #1 on eShop since launch.
It nearing 200K for Japan.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Okay but do you even have exact figures off of eShop? We are talking about number one from any individual Network especially a network that is as of right now the most unused Network in terms of gaming from Nintendo Sony to Microsoft , soooooo saying something is number 1 on basically an unused Network means very little especially if you don't have an exact figure, wasn't Doom also on the top of the "E charts" yet it only sold like 3,500 units?

Strafe361d ago

It might be less used than the other networks, but it doesn't mean it's unused. There is a difference.

Soooooooo, I mean, you might want to consider that, Consider that. Consider that. I mean. Sooooo. Consider that.

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MayorPauline362d ago

Nintendo is dominating Japan. Most of the top 20 is Switch and 3DS games some of which have remained in the top ten for months now. To see Splatoon still selling like that after launching last July is crazy. Congrats Nintendo on another steller week.

ShinnokDrako361d ago

Wow, people in Japan like Yakuza! And i wasn't expecting a second place for Earth Defense Force, not bad. And as usual great sales for Switch and Nintendo in general, congratulations!

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