10 Things Wrong With Persona 5

One of the best entries in the Japanese role-playing genre, Persona 5 is a stunning game. However, Persona 5 can be a long, dark hallway of frustration.

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FallenAngel1984312d ago

I like Tales of Berseria as the better game

AspiringProGenji312d ago

Many of those things, like “endless cutsscenes” and not wrong by any means. This list of “wrongs” sounds like someone didn’t have any of what he was playing

“No side missions.”
Except the game did have side missions. What about mementos?

Opinion dismissed!

Relientk77312d ago

What? Lol

6. No Side Missions

Has this guy never heard of Mementos? Lol

I_am_Batman312d ago

I'm in the second palace right now and I'm having a great time wih the game so far. I haven't read most of the points to avoid spoilers but the ones I've read are completely ridiculous:

2. Endless Cut Scenes: I don't even understand what you are criticising here. Yeah if you skip the cutscenes you won't understand the story... that's pretty much the case with any story driven game ever released. If you fall asleep while watching a movie you probably won't understand the movie either.

3. Mechanics Aren’t Explained Well: That's simply not true for me so far. Yeah there isn't an ingame tutorial for every single mechanic but Morgana tells you that you can find more in depth tutorials in the menu. As for the negotiations mechanic you can find the preferred answers of the different personality traits in the tutorial section:

"Upbeat Shadows like joking answers, but dislike serious or vague ones.
Timid Shadows like kind answers, but dislike vague or joking ones.
Irritable Shadows like serious answers, but dislike vague or kind ones.
Gloomy Shadows like vagues answers, but dislike serious or joking ones."

Obviously it's not always 100% clear which answer falls into which category but that's the point of the negotiation mechanic. With that information I'm having a success rate of about 80-90%.

Then you are criticising that you don't have the information about the weaknesses of the Personas when you haven't thought them before. How is that even a negative? It sounds to me like you just want an autowin button for the game.

Also when fusing Personas there is a menu where you can see all the possible results you can get with your current Personas so you don't have to "constantly go back and forth trying to figure out which persona to fuse to get the one you want".

If anything I'm surprised how good the menus are in Persona 5.

4. Get Ready For a Steep Learning Curve: I have started the game on hard for my first playthrough and I think it's a fair challenge so far. Unless it gets significantly harder though I don't get the criticism at all.

Ziege_UK312d ago

Bull poop. This game is amazing! Fact!

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