Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition Available Now; Two New Chapters and 6 Additional Modes Added

The acclaimed survival horror adventure, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard gets its very own Gold Edition today. The special GE package contains the base game, all previously released DLCs and a brand new free DLC - Not a Hero, a brand new chapter - End of Zoe, and six additional modes.

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roadkillers307d ago

Hope this comes to the Switch. This was the most fun I've had with a RE since 4 (4's better...)

307d ago
London___307d ago

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djsilke45306d ago

your switch would explode trying to run this game lmao. it can barely run revelations

_-EDMIX-_306d ago

Yes, the issues I saw with Revelations 2 show it can't even run that game properly, its missing shadows, textures and a bunch of other features. If someone loves RE, play it on the systems that they are made to be played on as suppose to the worst versions.

_-EDMIX-_306d ago

Have you see Revelations 2 on Switch? I shadows? Good lord, that game is on PS3 and 360, yet on shadows....well, I don't think I'd really suggest someone play RE7 on the worst device out in terms of tech.

If someone loves the RE series, the I'd assume they've already played RE7 and if a PS4 or XONE or gaming PC. I just can't recommend something like a RE, on a system that has it missing a host of features. I love the RE series ENOUGH to buy it day 1 on the devices it was made to run on, not years later missing features. I don't know how much someone can really like a series, if they don't even want to buy the systems to even play it on. Sorry, but even as someone looking to get a Switch, I'll keep my RE7 playthroughs for my PS4. I see no benefit to playing it missing features, worse frame rate etc.

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G20WLY307d ago

Can't wait to strap this DLC to my face later for a scarefest! 👍