What horror franchises could learn from Resident Evil

Resident Evil has remained the most popular horror franchise in video games for a long time. These are the reasons why.

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-Foxtrot62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

The remakes are good examples

Resident Evil 2: "Here's how you do a remake"

Resident Evil 3: "Here's how NOT to do a remake"

NecrumOddBoy62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I think RE3 was actually pretty good but just short and flawed a bit. If Capcom would’ve just put the RE3 campaign and it’s dodge mechanic into RE2 (maybe called it RE Raccoon City Chronicles) and placed the the game in a canonical order LEON A, CLAIRE B, JILL C; then dropped the multiplayer nonsense, it would have been the most perfect package. I enjoyed RE3’s ties in to 2 and they streamlined it well. It just was a flawed deliver.

-Foxtrot61d ago

Oh don't get me wrong, it was a good game but compared to RE2 it was a step back

It was lazier, felt rushed, shorter in comparison and totally the wrong way for Capcom themselves to do a remake

Luckily they got the memo because I'm sure I read RE4 was supposed to be done by the team that did RE3 before they rebooted development.

RE3 needs a directors cut, it needs to be longer, they need to include the choices, add the other locations in by expanding/reworking the current story and also rework how Nemesis works. I want to explore more the city, even if areas have nothing to do with the main objectives and only exist to explore for collectibles or to find new gear.

staticall61d ago

Punching huge bolders while being in a volcano sounds cool on paper, but looks very dumb.
More QTEs = worse experience (RE6 mostly)
Sometimes big doesn't mean "better" (RE6 bosses mostly)
Not every game's suppose to have a multiplayer component (RE3 remake, Umbrella Corps). But sometimes it just works (Outbreak)
Small stamina bar for melee attacks is dumb (RE6)
Locking better skills behind drip-fed skill point drops is awful (RE6)
Do not give your flagship IPs to outside studios. But if you did, heavily control the game quality and direction (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City)

FallenAngel198461d ago

For me Resident Evil’s biggest impact on the gaming medium will always be that over the shoulder control scheme pioneered by RE4