Terraria: Blood Moons & Misogyny

Joanna Mueller writes: "In a world of giant flying eye monsters and mountable unicorns players are free to do and be almost anything. Yet in all the fantastical make-believe somebody at Terraria developer Re-Logic felt the need to spice things up with a dig at those crazy females."

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uth11406d ago

PMS jokes are even older than "chicken crossing road " jokes. Women make such jokes too.

why dont we just ban all humor? everything is offensive to somebody

406d ago
iofhua406d ago

Why don't we not approve articles from new normative, a website specifically dedicated to liberal snowflakes complaining about every perceived wrong in gaming?

Stop giving the perpetually butthurt a soapbox to stand on.

zacfoldor406d ago

I will buy it on Switch if it comes out.

CrowbaitBob406d ago

People act pissy when they feel shitty. PMS ain't fun. 2+2=4, not misogyny.

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