Monster Hunter World Looks Great on PS Vita via Remote Play; Shows What Could Have Been

If you dream of playing Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter World on a handheld console, there is a way, with Sony's often-overlooked remote play feature.

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Ikenda404d ago

PS Vita Remote Play is the best thing ever. Someone else needs the TV you can continue play on the Vita. I hope this function will exist for PS5 also or maybe the success of the Switch will make Sony do something similar.

KeeseToast404d ago

They should make Remote-Play available on Switch. It's on PC, so why not on another console?

Ikenda404d ago

There is no way that will happen but... man that would be a sweet thing! I would pay 60 bucks for such an app for the Switch!

sloth3395404d ago

how can it show what could have been when it is just streaming it as a screen the system itself isn't playing the game and wouldn't be strong enough

fathertime4464404d ago

Agreed. I've seen a few of these type of articles. The vita isn't running the game by any means

Ikenda404d ago

He means what could have been if Sony kept making handhelds and made PS Vita 2 or a similar successor. If that was the case it should have been a handheld stronger then Switch and PS4 games like this with the proper tweeks would play in full handheld mode. There are a lot of ifs like the writer mentioned but thats what he means by "what could have been"... Hopefully Capcom will make a similar MH for the Switch like they mentioned as a possibility and MH will be portable again with much better graphics then 3DS...

Abriael404d ago

Thanks for actually reading :D

fathertime4464404d ago

What if the ocean was made of fire and the sun water?
Do you and the author even know how much a handheld that was more powerful than the switch would even caust? God the battery life sucks all ready.
What if Sony did this what if Sony did that. Sony isn't the end all be all of game console! It wasn't the first and won't be the last. Why are you and this generalist so hung up on Sony's tits?
What if Microsoft made the Windows phone before Apple made IPhone? Would we all be holding iPhones then? What if Atari bought the rights to the nes instead of Nintendo from its creator, would they still be in the game? Would there be a Pokemon?
Point being the vita is streaming the game and no matter how hard you want to fool yourselves it's not in anyways performing an amazing feet!!

Ikenda404d ago (Edited 404d ago )


Holy s*it what are you blabbering about? Are you on drugs? Mad cause you don't have a Vita? Bad day at work? S*it i can't explain this blabbering but i can't stop laughing! This is hilarious.! Write more, write more!

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kevnb404d ago

remote play is ok sometimes, but I find it unreliable unless you are connected via Ethernet (which ps vita doesn't have). Even on a really fast wireless connection you can have interference and it just never feels quite right to me.

Ikenda404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

True, Remote play isn't as flawless. It has latency and the Vita has very small sticks so it's not for competitive multiplayer or games that require precision like FPS. For action-adventure and RPGs and even platforms though as you see from the video is amazing especially if you just need to do some grinding. I'm using it all the time although lately the Switch has taken a higher spot in my time when i game away from the tv.

Shineon404d ago

the vita has been reduced from being pocket ps3 to what it is now f u sony I bought the oled wish Isaved my money.Vita was to good of an handheld to be scrapped soon as ps4 released