How to completely wipe your Xbox 360 or Xbox One system

If you have been ignoring your system and been saying to yourself “I will do it eventually,” then this guide is the fire under your ass to get it done.

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HeyNowChillax313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Before you do, make sure all the games you have are still offered on the Xbox store. I've found many of the old school arcade games which I purchased cannot even be downloaded anymore. The only thing you can do with them is transfer them to a USB stick, not backup, transfer. Just make sure your USB stick is quality and won't fail. I still have my old Xbox 360 Slim with all the old games on it thankfully, but I lost all my games on the older style 360 not realizing you couldn't get them again. I'm talking Tron, TMNT, Rootbeer Tapper, MK3 Ultimate, Paperboy, etc. gone forever unless you save them.

Iceball2000313d ago

I made that mistake with the first Test Drive Unlimited DLC. The dlc is no longer available for download and now my save file doesn’t work because I’m missing content. I was so pissed.

HeyNowChillax313d ago

I learned the hard way as well, just lucky I DL'd everything to a removable drive for the slim. Sucks about the save file not working, I empathize.

UnHoly_One313d ago

"Wipe it? Like with a cloth or something?"