Call of Duty: WWII Xbox One Users Suffering Random Disconnects, Sledgehammer Currently Investigating

COD WW2 Xbox One disconnects and lag out issue? You're not the only one. Sledgehammer Games said they are looking into it.

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JaguarEvolved310d ago

i heard sledgehammer figured out that because ps4 has a lot of real exclusive games and sold over 70, 000, 000 consoles the fanat-x are abandoning the xbox one

DivoJones309d ago

Probably the dumbest comment I'll read today. Look, PS4 is massively outselling Xbox.. I get it, you get it, we all get it. Xbox has still sold what, 40mil consoles? Hardly a non-existent audience. Nobody is abandoning the Xbox, the PS4 is just winning this generation as far as sales, mostly due to it's superior first-party lineup.

But many people like myself own both.. and for the sake of the industry as a whole, I hope both continue to do well. Is that so hard for you to realize?

On a side note: CoD:WW2 has been out a month and still has server/connection issues, can they seriously stop counting their money and fix the GD product?

309d ago