What should EA learn from Blizzard Entertainment about microtransactions?

Blizzard Entertainment have successfully used microtransactions in their games for years. What can EA learn from them?

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Retroman311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Obviously not put Microtransaction in any game . but to keep N4G editor's paycheck flowing creation of clickbait Must Continue .

In February this article will retun under New name but with Ea attached .

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

I don't understand? Do you guys actually want microtransactions or just for Electronic Arts not to have them?

In my personal opinion I think both Publishers should just learn to not use microtransactions at all....

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AmstradAmiga311d ago

Its funny, but EAs biggest annual release is FIFA...and almost 50% of the 16 million people who picked it up last year also buy up on its micro transactions. Now, largest userbase of FIFA is on Playstation I believe...

blacktiger310d ago

Irrelevant because everyone is doing mt whether it's Xbox or playstation to pc. All cause of smartphone.

Nodoze310d ago

Um....not to do what EA did if they ever expect to have a successful game.