MediEvil Announced for PS4 at PSX 2017

During tonight's PSX 2017 Opening Celebration, the press conference ended with an announcement that MediEvil would be coming to PS4.

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Relientk77316d ago

Omg it's happening MediEvil is finally returning! Geez the memories, cannot wait to play it on PS4

-Foxtrot316d ago


This is there thing now...bring back one old classic franchise a year

Once they do the remake they can do a third game

He knows about the shirt thing...brilliant

Relientk77316d ago

I was wondering the entire show what was on his shirt, thought it looked like an egg lol with his jacket zipped up.

darthv72316d ago

Very cool. Was wondering if they would revisit this series.

NovusTerminus316d ago

Shit, can next year be Legend of the Dragoon?

Glad to see this one come back

Bigpappy316d ago

Its a re-master, not a remake. Thought you guys had so many new exclusive there was no room for old games.

Sam Fisher316d ago


Dont get jelly, stick to your trio cycle console

Gears of halo horizon 3

AspiringProGenji316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

^^Oh we do! We have lots of new exclusives and we welcome this classic with open arms. I will spare you the list so you don't get more salty

KhanBaba316d ago


It's a remaster same way N.sane trilogy is. Now take your tears somewehere else and wait for Sea of Piss.

bluefox755316d ago

@bigpappy Aww, you're jealous :(

Hardiman316d ago

@Bigpappy you really are a very bitter human being!

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fenome316d ago

It's been a long time since I played MediEvil, fun times, can't wait to jump back in.

Hopefully next year he wears a Spyro shirt.

Eidolon316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I used to play the crap out of even just the demo disc(remember them omfg) XD, this is going to be a flashback. I didn't play much of Crash back then, but I still got some nostalgias with the reboot. MediEvil was my most played game next to Spyro and of course there are others, but I think Spyro is the next likely announcement fingers crossed ^^

Hardiman316d ago

I loved the demo disks! I bought RE Directors Cut for the RE2 demo!

I_am_Batman316d ago

Was hoping for it to be a new medievil game. This is great though. If it succeeds it might open the door for a sequel/reboot.

joab777316d ago

PS is murderin’ Fools lol!

rainslacker315d ago

This is the best news I've heard all week. Medievil is one of my most favorite games of all time.

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darthv72316d ago

Its good news but i wouldn't go that far.

-Foxtrot316d ago

A fan favourite classic PS1 title being resurrected which increases the chances of a third game to kick start the franchise and potentially lead to other classic remakes like Legend of Dragoon

It’s a big deal

DarXyde316d ago

Why is this an unsurprising comment?

MediEvil was rad. It's great news.

LP-Eleven316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Err... actual fans of PlayStation would.

OT: Fantastic! Can't wait to get back to this IP!

boing1316d ago

You're right. Posting a gif is way too far in that case.

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Majin-vegeta316d ago

Next in the list The Legend of Dragoon!!!

Relientk77316d ago

And Spyro the Dragon HD Trilogy Remake too


Aenea316d ago

I was actually hoping that Spyro was on his shirt all this time!

badz149316d ago

Ape Escape is long overdue. They only did mini games collections and cheap MOVE game last gen which didn't do the franchise justice. Hopefully we can see a new entry soon

thatguyhayat316d ago

Took the words right out my keyboard savy

Gaming_Cousin316d ago

This was by far the worst PSX or E3 type show ever. Wth?!? I feel bad for the people who got hyped for this.

zivtheawesome316d ago

well it wasn't meant to be streamed, it just that many wanted to see it.

Summons75316d ago

Wonder why after years of an awesome show with huge announcements...

Even with them lowering expectations it was still a bad show.

AspiringProGenji316d ago

Pretty sure they said this was not gonna be like the other conferences... Who didn't lower their expectations? I actually enjoyed seeing the devs talking to each other about their games, and the few trailers. I was not hyped for another E3

Only thing that disappointed me was No Spiderman, Days Gone, or TLOU 2 devs talking about their games, but we may see something this weekend who knows?

septemberindecember316d ago

During PSX they kept saying it was the biggest PSX ever. Especially at the beginning. That got me hyped again. I'm pretty disappointed. I just wanted solid release dates for their already great 2018 lineup.

AspiringProGenji316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

They meant It was the biggest PSX when talking about the booths and showfloors or something like that, not the show itself. Didn't you see those GoW and SotC panels? That is what they meant with ''Biggest PSX''

I know you wanted an E3, but the actual PSX is there in CA, not streaming.

septemberindecember316d ago


I didn't even want an E3. All I wanted were release dates.

Travis3708316d ago

IKR I was hyped all day and even ran home from work to watch this. I've never seen such trash from a conference before. I love the developers of Sony but I don't wanna see them talk for 2 hours straight. This was terrible!

Phill-Spencer316d ago

Ah come on don't be so harsh. It wasn't great in any way but if you never have seen such a trash conference you haven't seen any of the direct competitions conferences.

Dirtnapstor316d ago

It was pretty good, the format made things more personable. That was different and I liked that. But aren't they dishing out more info over the weekend?


I was expecting bombs (PS Vita 2, Shenmue 1 and 2 HD Remakes available on PSN this weekend, a playable demo for Ghosts etc. ). It was natural to expect more from PSX considering how bare bones E3 was with the exception of Spiderman. I mean damn, you show the SAME GOW demo that was released to the public months ago??

I didn't want to believe it, but PSX confirmed it for me. Sony is fast tracking the PS5 for an early 2020 release.

Travis3708316d ago

People are downvoting me when Sony just showed the same Death stranding trailer we seen last night at the game awards and tried to act like it was new. I'm a huge PS fan and I can't accept that.

Brave_Losers_Unite316d ago


Not only that, but there was no bombshell. Medieval? It's a remaster...

trooper_316d ago

...This isn't E3.
For what they did discuss and show, I was impressed. A bit on the talkie, talkie side but that wasn't too bad.

OB1Biker316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

How you make the connection from PlayStation Present was not the same sort of presentation as it was the previous years (and they said so a while ago) to 'Sony is fast tracking the PS5' is mind bending.
PGW was your E3 type of presentation.
Honestly man, people should be happy there s a PSX. Never take anything for granted.

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Monkeycan8316d ago

This wasn't a keynote this was just an opening ceremony. It's your fault you got hyped after Sony said they were not doing a conference and it would be more laidback.

Brave_Losers_Unite316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

laidback enough to fall asleep to

OB1Biker316d ago

Ive seen many comments here who were only winding themselves up while it was clear enough they said it woudlnt be the same as previous years.

mkis007316d ago

Well it sucks to be you, I was in attendance and it was so much fun. It sure seemed to me everyone was excited throughout. Even the secondary presentation had barely anyone leave. The booths and panels are what makes psx psx.

tontontam0315d ago

Did you go there?

it's PSX not "Playstation New Games Announcement Conference".

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Travis3708316d ago

This PSX was pure trash! Where is Spyro? release dates on games? Days Gone? New AAA games? Exclusive DLC deals? where is the hype? I don't wanna see people talk all day. I feel sad for the gamers who payed for that crap.

AspiringProGenji316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Lol pretty sure they ones who payed will be there in Anaheim experiencing everything first hand unlike us... That is the PS Experience. They didn't promise another E3, but I can see why some would be dissapointed. Personally I enjoyed the show and the devs talking. We may see something else this weekend too. I hope to see more Spiderman or Ghost of Tushima

PlayableGamez-316d ago

Last year PSX was lit though.

fenome316d ago

Sucker Punch is having a panel on Ghost tomorrow, looking forward to some new info on that for sure.

xX-oldboy-Xx316d ago

They announced a few VR games which look good, Medievil was a nice surprise.

It was definitely underwhelming, but trash is a little much.

DarXyde316d ago

Insomniac is working on Spider-Man (and Bluepoint is on Shadow of the Colossus). Days Gone is something I'd rather they work on than show if it isn't far enough along, which is probably why we didn't see The Last of Us, Part II. New AAA would be cool, but exclusive DLC would inevitably piss off the other community needlessly. Honestly, this year was already fantastic. PSX was just icing on the cake, so my expectations were pretty tame.

Definitely not my favorite PSX. Would love to see Final Fantasy VII Remake and something on Project Siren, but I didn't hate it either. I was happy to get updates on God of War and Dreams. I wish we heard more about Death Stranding that we didn't know, but I think this structure will be important for games next time around. I'd love to have this style when discussing The Last of Us, Part II and whenever we're ready to go in-depth on Death Stranding. The in-depth look at Detroit actually sold me on the game so, again, you won't see me complaining.

Add another game to my wishlist.

Between multiplatform titles and exclusives, next year is pretty packed on PlayStation. Kingdom Hearts III, Detroit, Spider-Man, Dreams, Far Cry 5, Anthem, Dragonball FighterZ, Blazblue Cross Battle, Days Gone, Soul Calibur VI, God of War, Ni No Kuni II, Shadow of the Colossus, and whatever else I'm forgetting. That's a pretty full year already, mate.

AspiringProGenji316d ago

My thoughts exactly. This is also a new format so it was not supposed to be perfect. They actually want our feedback to see what they can improve. I actually liked the format and the devs interacting with each other. I just hoped to see more Spiderman, Days Gone, TloU2, and Ghost of Tushima, but oh well. At least they didn't hyped it as another E3

ShadowWolf712316d ago

You do know people pay for more than just a keynote, right?

These guys get to try all these games not out yet, the DLC for games before it drops, they get to meet the devs, attend panels, they get exclusive merch. And hell, they practically turned the show floor into a theme park.

Monkeycan8316d ago

PSX is the weekend. What you are talking about is a Conference/Keynote something Sony Announced they weren't doing this year. It's your fault you got overhyped even after Sony said they weren't doing anything like that.

mkis007316d ago

I paid less to get into this...the early bird ticket was 10 bucks less and was tghe only way to get in to the someone who is here now, I can tell you, you have nothing to feel sad about.

Frinker316d ago

yep Medievil is cool but this confrence blows

trooper_316d ago

Coming from someone who's always bashing Sony, that's not surprising.

Aenea316d ago

PSX is more than just a show/press conference tho, it's an actual convention where you can visit booths and play games that are coming out in the near future.

Am sure the people who paid for entrance are enjoying the heck out of it.

Announcements wise tho it wasn't as big as the previous years...