EA and Hazelight Announce 'A Way Out' Release Date, Free Trial, New Trailer

EA announced A Way Out release date, a free trial and released a new trailer.

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2383d ago
camel_toad2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I was already looking forward to this game but you really have to give them credit for the fact that only 1 of 2 friends needs to own the game. They must be really happy with the game they've made.

blacktiger2382d ago

Lootbox is the reason why you don't have to own multiple copy to play coop. You'd think they'll let play with one copy when standard game is 2 which means more money!

Relientk772383d ago

The guy who presented this is my hero. I think he was drunk to be honest, but damn he was entertaining.

He said "eff the Oscars" like 4 times haha

GameBoyColor2383d ago

lol he really hyped the crowd up

Sarah_Ch2383d ago

Lol! Don't mess with a Lebanese.

jivah2382d ago

I heard Fuck The Oscars. Not "eff" I think we can curse on the internet. Not sure yet. Have to check if ive bought the dlc for that

Chexs19902382d ago

He was thoroughly hyped up himself xD
Her even threw EA under the bus pretty hard, it was fun :D

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ziggurcat2383d ago

can't support EA no matter how interesting this game looks.

freshslicepizza2383d ago

Then I guess you will be missing out on what could be a good game. Cool that they allow co-op online and only one copy is needed.

ziggurcat2383d ago

Shutting down Visceral was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I also don't care about online, co-op (especially forced co-op) or any kind of MP in most games. The only MP/co-op I can tolerate is in the Souls games.

CKPan2383d ago

You need to re think your life if skipped EA means missing out good games.

PapaBop2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

It could be a good game, or it could be a good game bogged down by MTs which turns it into a mediocre game. Always best to keep expectations low on anything EA now and cross your fingers that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Having said that though, this isn't actually an EA designed game, they're just the publishers so it's okay to get a little excited.

_-EDMIX-_2382d ago

@zigg-so what you're going to tell me is you're going to play games by Publishers that I've never shut down any Studios and their entire histories? I mean cuz that's a pretty short list....

This doesn't sound like a person deciding they don't want to play a game based on it being on interesting it literally simply sounds like a personal Vendetta that has nothing to do with gaming but someone's personal feelings.

So at the end of the day are you going to buy games that are not fun to you because the publisher has never fired a single person even if the game's absolute crap?


I'm sorry but you're going to have to slowly explain exactly why you're buying video games again

ziggurcat2382d ago


The only reason why they shut the studio down is because they were making a game that EA wasn't able to squeeze extra money out of people by way of MTs/lootboxes. That's why I am not supporting EA anymore. I understand studios get shut down all the time, but this was because EA seems to think single player games aren't viable anymore. I am not a MP gamer, so when a publisher shuts a studio down because they don't like single player games anymore, that's a problem for me.

If you want to buy the game, go right ahead, that's your choice. My choice is because of their recent actions, I will no longer support EA regardless of the game they're publishing.

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andydalum2382d ago

Same and as for the people saying that missing out on a great game isn't worth that is where it's opinion based. I would rather miss out on a couple of good games and hurt EA and keep bad press rolling on them. Giving them money for a potentially good game isn't worth them turning around and using profit to fund games like Star wars micro-transaction edition.

_-EDMIX-_2382d ago


Relax buddy it's not that serious I could care less about what publisher you guys hear me disagree with on this website , if it video game looks interesting I'm going to buy it.

Consider our discussions regarding policy changes with practices in video games basically stopped short of me actually deciding to not buy a game I want to play...

Not happening bud. You could play your games based on moral Concepts but I do not buy my video games based on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game itself.

Is it fun? It doesn't look interesting? If that's about it anything else outside of that is completely irrelevant to me

AtomicGerbil2382d ago

If the gaming industry goes down the toilet, it'll be partly due toa people like you who ignore the exploitative practices of EA and their like. I bet you'd be complaining then, when there were no decent games to play?

It's happened before, and we're heading for it happening again. It's time the gamers are listened to and not the suits in boardrooms pandering to investors.

_-EDMIX-_2382d ago

@atom-I'm not ignoring microtransaction to loot boxes or dangerous practices like this in fact I'm one of the many people on this site that believe they should not be inside of games in the first place.

I mean you're saying you would bet I'd be complaining then but how do you know I'm not complaining right now?

Just because I disagree with microtransactions doesn't suddenly mean I disagree with playing fun games...

That would be the equivalent of me telling you don't play The Witcher 3 because it has downloadable content microtransactions in a season pass (completely ignoring the quality of the game)

Or don't play Zelda breath of the Wild because it has a season pass a bunch of toys that lock in-game content etc


It just doesn't make any sense and I've been telling people on this website for a long time stop equating people buying games for fun as wanting to support microtransactions because this is a problem that affects almost every single major AAA release that is releasing in gaming.

You would have centrally be asking Gamers to not actually play games in the very very large majority.

Just to prove it to you of the best games releasing this year what game could you even recommend that has no downloadable content whatsoever?

I might disagree with a lot of people on this website with a lot of different things but the one thing you'll never see me do is try to attack another game or simply for wanting to play a game.

I believe this is where it's crossing the line and this is where it's completely overboard and uncalled for.

The people that should be being attacked is Electronic Arts Activision Ubisoft Microsoft Nintendo and any other publisher that is looking to exploit microtransactions in their games or put in loot boxes or anything like that.

Leave The Gamers out of this because at the end of the day they're completely innocent , they did not make any of these companies do this, and I would have to argue if not for those actual Gamers themselves who exactly are you even fighting this fight for if you're just going to attack the exact people you're trying to ironically help?

Lots of people actively voiced concern over Star Wars Battlefront 2, multiple governments worldwide have now gotten involved because of that, I want you to consider that attacking Gamers is not what resulted in those actions you saw.

AtomicGerbil2381d ago

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand your point view, it concerns me and many others that buying these shady titles at full price is giving the thumbs up to these publishers to continue their abhorrent practices.

Sure, if they're fun I'll buy them, but never at full price. Money is the only language they understand.

I think the majority can agree that microtransactions are just about palatable if they don't affect gameplay, or are part of a free to play model, which for the most part is where they have been. But, we are now at the point where we know without doubt that certain publishers care not for us, their IPs or their developers and I don't see why that should be blindly rewarded.

I'm not saying don't play the games, I'm saying it's dangerous to reward the scummy publishers.

YEP4142383d ago

I hope i can play this solo or its a no buy for me!

Retroman2383d ago

I hope it don't have Microtransaction. if it does im able to find "A Way out"

Dirtnapstor2382d ago

Lol, flip flops, soap on a rope, or deodorant.

Gaming4Life19812383d ago

I was already going to buy this but this guy made me want the game even more lol.