The 10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles Of All-Time (As Of December 2017)

PS4 just earned a new rank as it continues its journey to 100 million.

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PhoenixUp1181d ago

I could’ve sworn the Genesis sold 40 million

kevnb1180d ago

i thought so too, the xbox one is probably already past 31 million as well.

badz1491180d ago

Best selling PS4 game is UC4 at 4 mil+?? WTF? It's not the best selling game on PS4 but it still sold like 10mil copies already by now.

kevnb1180d ago

ya, that uncharted 4 bundle sold like crazy.

Lime1231180d ago

I thought Uncharted 4 had better first week than Halo 5 in UK (where Xbox One is strongest, next to US), and it wasn't bundled then.


FyBy1180d ago

Wow ps4 shows its strenght. After 4 years is already in top 10. Surprise for me was og ps. I didnt knew it surpassed wii. And 62m for NES. Wow!

kevnb1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

sony is the only console maker that seems to be able to do really well in the entire world consistently. Xbox has troubles outside the west, Nintendo sometimes has problems in Europe, but Sony is killing it everywhere.

FyBy1180d ago

Yeah exactly! It was surprise for me, that every gen of ps is on the list. Nintendo is saved by its software and uniquenes. They have extremely well accepted first party titles.

Aceman181180d ago

PS1 didnt surpass Wii, it's just the Wii fell short of PS1 lol. Assuming we have another 2-3 yrs of the gen Sony will be only gaming company with 3 systems selling over 100 mil units. That is just inssne.

1180d ago
joab7771180d ago

Wow! Sony has 3 of the top 4 and the PS4 looks to be moving up into one of those spots. Crazy after all the issue with the PS3, it outsold the 360. And they turned it around by taking MS's lead. They focused on 1st party titles and making the gamer their top priority, like MS did for the 360s first 3-4 yrs. Then they started thinking too far ahead like their PC division.