Why Battlefield 1 Deserves Way More Credit

The past year or so of shooters has been rough, but there's a light in the darkness! Battlefield 1 has stood above the rest and continues to do so a year later.

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Themba76317d ago

im thinking about returning to this game soon

317d ago
3-4-5316d ago


2nd best shooter this gen aside from PvZ:Gw 1

TheOttomatic91317d ago

The SP campaign in BF1 was fantastic its honestly shocking how the same devs (although most likely not the same team) made Battlefront 2.

Movefasta1993317d ago

The devs aren’t the problem,dice have great’s the suits

Glemt317d ago

I generally don't like MP games, but I like to visit the Battlefield and CoD franchise from time to time for the SP campaigns. I switched off BF1's campaign in my third mission. The second mission I played I had to scout through the mist to guide a tank forward (understandable) but when the mist cleared the tank commander told me I had to protect the tank from other tanks and groups of soldiers.... Sorry, but no. This was the typical 'one man wins the war on his own' tripe. I guess I want something a tad more realistic (in its own universe).

Glad you liked it though : ) Different strokes and all.

HyperMouse317d ago

My go too shooter this year, awesome game

Skankinruby317d ago

The campaign was garbage, people got so wrapped up in the 'boots on the ground' crap that they gave this game WAY more credit than it actually deserved. Worst 40 dollars I've spent in awhile.

AmstradAmiga317d ago

I enjoyed the campaign. Was a great mix and I especially loved the tank and bi-plane levels.

Newmanator317d ago

Well written, I hated it at first, couldnt kill anyone. Had it in my car to trade it in but gave it another chance and it's all I play now. Sorry COD I've left you

UltraNova317d ago

Thats what I call un upgrade!

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The story is too old to be commented.