After a whole year, BioShock Remastered & BioShock 2 Remastered receive brand new patches

2K Games have released a brand new update for BioShock Remastered and BioShock 2 Remastered.

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Alek83409d ago

TLDR version - fix crashing issues and some minor bugs in both games. Nothing new added.
Still, great that 2K did this.

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vickers500409d ago

Does anyone know if this is just for pc?Just got this a few days ago for ps4, been hearing and reading a bit about framerate and audio issues.

Quetzll409d ago

Just finished BS1 on ps4. Never had a single frame rate drop. I noticed some audio glitches, but I think it was only ever from one particular weapon.

Also, my game froze about 5 times through out the entire playthrough. Be sure to save!

Also also, for some reason, if you have too many save files for BS1, then you won't be able to make a new save file for BS2 and you won't know it until the first time you save

EeJLP-409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Fix the audio 1, and freezing 2. It's been a little while since I played the remasters, but I definitely remember the audio sounding very screwed up in some instances. You'd hear voices of enemies like they're right next to you when they're actually like 3 rooms away and a floor above you. The audio logs were noticeably lower volume than the rest of the game in general, so most were unintelligible. In BioShock 2 the audio seemed screwed up if you hacked a flying bot. They'd be silent or very low volume often right next to you. BioShock 2 also froze several times. The first time I lost progress, until I realized you could wait it out and it eventually unfreezes in around a minute or two, still not great. I haven't played Infinite remastered yet.

Just to add, the cover art is 10/10. They captured the franchise in a single image excellently. It's too bad the actual games were a bit botched. I still have the PS3 versions too, because the botchery doesn't make the remasters a full, complete, unadulterated? upgrade. The PS3 versions (for PS gamers) aren't obsolete due to the audio issues in the remasters.

SolidGear3409d ago

I got the collection for PS4 the day it came out last year and I never had any issues and I never even had a patch installed because I had no Internet where I was living at the time.

PSXQ8409d ago

Now bring it to Switch

thesoftware730409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

@PSX...yes please..I would purchase this day one for sure.

Gaming_Cousin409d ago

Switch or mobile, either one is fine

kevnb409d ago

they already brought Bioshock 1 to iPad, but then they took it down. it actually ran pretty well from what I remember.

FullmetalRoyale409d ago

I think I would too, come to think of it.

darthv72409d ago

Bioshock on switch is possible. It would be 360 / ps3 quality maybe a tad better but damn would be cool to have.

SolidGear3409d ago

I'd eventually get a switch for this given that I'm the world's biggest BioShock fanatic.

2pacalypsenow409d ago

Was disappointed by this remaster, the sound got worst and the textures did not improve.

Gman32409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

i agreed it really dont no different then the last gen 2k just wanted to cash in on the whole remasterd train that was going on at the time

rainslacker409d ago

I made the mistake of playing Infinite before doing the first two, and I just couldn't get into the first game. Despite some of the changes which gave you less control over the progression of your character, the game play in Infinite seemed so much more refined. I'll probably still go back and play the first two someday though. I couldn't really judge the quality of the remaster though. It's been a while since I played the originals on the PS3 to compare.

Magnus409d ago

Gald to see its getting an update and not ignored I honestly want to see a new BioShock game.

SolidGear3409d ago

It was announced a few years ago that 2K Marin was handed the franchise and working on a new game but no word since.