Doom VFR’s teleportation controls are the compromise VR needs – for now

TechRadar writes: Last year’s Doom turned out to be one of the finest shooters of the generation and thrust the long-running franchise back into the mix of gaming’s elite after an all-too-long absence.

Blisteringly fast movement, waves of relentless enemies attacking from all angles, and a fine selection of weaponry blended together for the perfect hellevator experience.

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gangsta_red1327d ago

This is just one of the reasons I can't get behind VR

Kleptic1327d ago

having not tried the VR version, I can't really say much...but logistically it seems to remove pretty much everything great about 2016's Doom, right?

The sp of that game was about YOUR movement and freedom...not looking around at how fast everything else was. I'm aware that non-VR videos do no justice, but it's just...odd to me. Doom wasn't a precision game, wasn't an ADS-centric shooter that rewarded getting into position and picking things off. It was the polar opposite of that, which was why, imo, it was so great. I think the approach used for Doom VR answered some questions, but wasn't the best type of game to utilize that. Sniper focused games would probably do the mechanics a lot more justice.

Again, though. Haven't tried it, so the above is technically worthless...but, on record, it's another reason i'm just not buying into that stuff yet.

Vanfernal1327d ago

Telefragging enemies in Doom VFR is one of the most rewarding experiences in PSVR imo. The action is fast paced but not in the run and gun style of 2016, but in the aspect that you gotta think really fast what your best next move is. You can weaken an enemy, teleport and kill them then quickly look for the high ground to avoid getting attacked. It's not the same as the 2016 game, but that's a good thing. It offers a different experience and until you actually play it you won't be able to fully grasp why it works. There's also the fact that you can play with the dpad in a more traditional way if you're not feeling the Move control scheme. After RE7 my favorite PSVR game is Doom by far. :)

TankCrossing1327d ago

Might want to spice up your language a bit. It'll help when Robo Recall makes you eat these words :p

1327d ago
Phoenix761327d ago

I put the game on smooth locomotion and smooth turning. On telefrag into enemies. I have no issues with that set up. Although can understand that to new players of VR it can be off putting at first. People just need to slowly adjust into it rather than diving head first In.

ApocalypseShadow1327d ago

Interesting argument but a weak one.

I do believe teleportation should be *one* option for those that get nauseated from smooth movement. But vr games need to allow *full movement* for those that don't.

And, developers need to step up and develop games with solid 60fps for vr even if it reduces image quality. Games don't have to look hyper realistic to be immersive. Just a clean image with good controls and fun to play.

It's not the console or pc's fault for dipping in frame rate. It's the developer's fault for not making a better running game engine and trying to do too much within vr games. Comes down to planning.

Vanfernal1327d ago

"Instead of simply strapping on your VR headset, using a regular controller and running the risk of the aforementioned problems, you’ll be taking advantage of new motion-controls to dive deeper in Doom’s world like never before."

That's a very misleading statement. Motion controls and teleporting is ONE option. You can also play the game with full locomotion with the DS4 and set turning to increments or smooth. For those who want a more traditional experience they can just play with the DS4. The only difference is that you turn with the right stick and fine tune your aim by looking in the direction you want to shoot.

Gwiz1327d ago

Having played Farpoint and DOOMVFR i prefer the latter with teleporting.The walking around does make me dizzy.
Perhaps something i need to adjust to