Capcom to release all Mega Man X games on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

All of the Mega Man X games are coming to current-gen platforms, Capcom has announced.

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Pancit_Canton1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Yay.....more recycled games from Capcom. No HD treatment what so ever or changes from the original. More quick cash grab from Capcom.

Fonso1281463d ago

Mega man isn't getting no Crash Bandicoot insane treatment lol.

Black0ut1463d ago

Um... No one is forcing you to buy the games though? I personally can't wait to finally try this tbh.

3-4-51463d ago

They are putting out all the X games and even announced a new Mega Man game as well.

are you from russia?

Smokingunz1462d ago

What are u an edit? Don't u see that the game in nd and not 8 bit like 9 and 10 Was? Smh the game looks great and I'm rather excited it was about time capcom for a new mega man, not to mention they're showing the switch some love by putting 11 add the while x collection on it. What a great start for the new year capcom, way to go.

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darthv721463d ago

Interestingly enough, I have all the X games released on a single disc for the PS2. Good times... good times.

Neonridr1463d ago

actually the PS2 version (along with Gamecube) only had Mega Man X through X6. 7 and 8 were not included in that set. This newer one will include all 8 titles.

fenome1463d ago

I never played any of the X games, are they good? Is it like the old Mega Man games or is it like a spinoff with different gameplay? I haven't played Mega Man since the OG NES games, I really liked those games though.

Neonridr1463d ago

not too sure about the later X games.. I only played X1 through 3 on the SNES. I enjoyed the games enough, updated visuals but still felt close enough to the originals. Worth checking out.

Sevir1463d ago

Skip X7. It's the worst, a complete pile of poo! It only shines when it's doing it's 2D segments , and those only last a short time in each of the 17 or so stages... And those stages are insanely difficult... The English Voice acting is TERRIBLE!!!

X8 was a well made return to form and an apology to fans...

showtimefolks1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )


Yes think of it megaman on turbo mode just plays more slick I like it more than regular megman games

fenome1463d ago

Cool, thanks, I'll have to check this out

_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

lol you too?

Best collection. Funny that its STILL the best collection. I thought we'd get some huge MegaMan X, MegaMan, MegaMan Legends HD collection or something........never happened. So PS2 and Gamecube got the best collection of the MegaMan games I guess

Fonso1281463d ago

Mega man x7 will be getting that skip treatment but ill play mega man x8 again tho.

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-Foxtrot1463d ago

In a big bundle disc/collectors edition or...?

_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

lol come on, its Capcom.

In a series of separate collections as to milk.

fenome1463d ago

Oh man, I didn't even think about that. Lol

I just figured it would all be in one game as a collection. I hope that's what it is, otherwise I guess I'll just buy one when if it's cheap and see how I like it from there.

_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

@Fenome- I mean, that is what we want, but we know Capcom this gen is just into some greed type stuff lol

I didn't mind the collections last gen or even the gen before that, but the last MegaMan collection on PS4 and XONE is just trash. I still play the PS2 one as it is still the best collection for Mega Man games. So something tells me when they say "all" they mean they are selling them 1 by 1, piecemeal lol, I could be wrong. We legit just need 1 collection of all X and MegaMan games and be done with it.

Dlaw761463d ago

Im getting X-hance version

1463d ago
AspiringProGenji1463d ago

Oh yeah!

Back when I smoked weed While playing this level ->

Good times. Day 1 for me!

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