Is it about time for a Capcom vs. SNK 3?

Gamers saw a rekindling of the Street Fighter franchise in 2008 with the series' fourth installment, and then a similar story with Marvel vs. Capcom just three years later.

With SNK releasing King of Fighters 14 back in 2016, and Capcom games chugging right along as they are, perhaps 2018 is the perfect time for yet another melding of the two.

A Capcom vs. SNK 3 would surely bring a few old school competitors out of the woodwork, and the current FGC boom has tons of new faces that would certainly be open to trying out such a title, especially after hearing the praises seasoned FGC members sing for the series.

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Apocalypse Shadow415d ago

Only if they add other characters from each universe.

Capcom should add characters from games like the final fight series, sfa series, captain commando and street fighter.

And SNK should add from games like world heroes, garou, rage of the dragons, ninja masters and king of fighters.

But I would love another one.

FallenAngel1984415d ago

This series has always had characters from various different Capcom and SNK franchises

Apocalypse Shadow414d ago

Not from world heroes like dragon, rock Howard, gato, Hanzo, Fuuma, Brocken,etc.

I want an all star cast and not just my favorites or most popular from kof and sf

FallenAngel1984414d ago

Well obviously not all but the series has pulled characters from multiple franchises

Also take note that King of Fighters itself is a crossover

gangsta_red412d ago

I personally would only like to see Capcom add characters from their SF universe which includes Final Fight and Rival Schools.

As for SNK their KoF universe is huge and includes all of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting as well as some off brands.

I do agree with Rage of Dragons though I always thought SNK should comprise a team from that game for KoF and also from Buriki One.

OzzY-waZZy414d ago

My favorite fighting series of all time. Capcom vs SNK2 is flawless.

XtraTrstrL414d ago

TRUTH. Played the hell out of it on the original Xbox. I was robbed of my SS rank, because of quitters, and how the ranking system locks you in your rank after the 1st 1000 matches. That game was so fun and had such a flexible system, and Capcom's interpretation of the SNK characters was great. I miss that game, I had a cool created color/name for every character.

PhoenixUp414d ago

Funny how Tekken 7 is the first game in a long while where a Capcom character and an SNK character can do battle again after more than a decade

DaFeelz414d ago

Is it about time? It’s long overdue. And while we’re at it, where the hell is Soul Calibur???

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