When Games Like Marvel Heroes Shut Down, There Are Hardly Any Happy Endings

There's not a lot of closure when free-to-play games go away.

jjb19812394d ago

I almost spent 50 bucks on this game. It's sad for the people that spent all that money.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2394d ago

Had a notification on PSN that refunds will be given on things purchased from IIRC August until now. Hate to see it close down I was starting to enjoy it but at least will be getting some of my money back.

2394d ago

Indiegogo Campaign Opened to Buy Marvel Heroes

A non-profit educational group is looking to buy the Marvel Heroes license to either maintain the MMOARPG as-is or use it to build an entirely new game.

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zeal0us2329d ago

Too bad Disney won't allow it.

staticall2328d ago

Why campaign is set to "Flexible goal"? Like "We desperately need $450 000, but hey, we'll settle for any amount of money you'll give to us. And we won't have to do a damn thing.".

They say in Indiegogo campaign: "To achieve our plan, we are currently seeking a minimum of $450k – $900k". MINIMUM of $450k, so why "flexible"?
Next, they say that currently, "creditors claims totaling at $900K" and "The closer our offer is to those claims, the greater our chances of success". A chance costs $450 000.
They're also saying that "One downside is that Gazillion has spent millions to license the use of characters and story lines over the years", where will they get millions for a license? Another campaign? Aggressive microtransactions? Oh, right, "Unless millions are raised to fund this campaign, the odds of this option being successful are very limited."

Even their Paragon university website has "Coming Soon" on it and "Elder mage" have only one "news" and copy-pasted content from Indiegogo campaign. Sounds like a scam to me.

Wolfyseyes2328d ago

These were all my feelings as well. The whole thing reeks of ripoff and I'm generally a pretty forgiving guy when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns.


Gaming Historia Episode 2: The Rise or Fall of Digital Gaming

Chris and Colby are back with Episode 2 of the Gaming Historia podcast. In this episode, we use the imminent closure of Paragon as a jumping off point to discuss Digital Gaming and how it affects gaming as a whole. In addition, we get a little off topic about questionable things that are done with amiibos.

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The Daily Grind: Did Marvel Heroes just get the worst-managed MMORPG sunset of all time?

If you happened to catch the Massively OP Podcast this week, you heard the positively livid rant about the whole Marvel Heroes situation. Was this the most mismanaged, incompetent, and poorly implemented sunset in MMOG history?

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