Gazillion Closed, Game Servers Will Go Offline In 2 Days according to report

From GameWatcher: "An official statement from Gazillion suggested that Marvel Heroes would close on December 31, with microtransactions ceasing first to allow people to play for free until the servers go down.

Now reports are coming out that all of Gazillion has been let go, the day before Thanksgiving, and that the servers will be shut down in just two days on November 24 - supposedly without warning. These reports came to us from Resetera and it looks very likely it's true."

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TheDarkArtisan1903d ago

And a Merry Xmas to all those at Gazillion, and all those players who were playing and invested time and money with Marvel Heroes, from good old saintly Disney!!!

andrewsquall1903d ago

Don't forget to wish a Merry Xmas to all those people here who support and defend these kind of online based games like they are the needed future of gaming.

Weeblordbad1903d ago

I wouldn't say needed, merely a part of it. But hey, a poor man's Diablo that asked for money at every turn and was getting less frequent updates gets shut down the whole business model must be busted!

How's Path of Exile doing again?

FreddyFazbear1903d ago

Couldnt say it better myself. PUBG even was nominated for GOTY at games awards along with mario odyssey, zelda breath of the wild, persona 5 and Horizon. Yep merry Xmas to people who thinks these games are the future and long may these games reign supreme and hope that it will still be playable after 5 years on servers.

Tobse1903d ago

Thank god they are gone

johndoe112111903d ago

I feel it for all those workers and developers, to loose your job at this time of the year is horrendous. That game though was absolutely atrocious. It should never have been released.

AnubisG1903d ago

Aren't online only games awesome?

aftrdark211903d ago

This sucks! Looks like i'll be freeing up some space on my HDD.

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