Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.47 Fixes Another Update 1.45 Issue

Seems like Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.45 brought with it a couple of bizarre issues that Guerrilla is quickly taking care of. Update 1.46 took care of one and today, Update 1.47 is taking care of another.

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TheEnigma313324d ago

GG is really keeping the support with this game. I'm impressed. How's the DLC for it? I'm thinking about buying it.

Zeke68324d ago

It's great! And Hard if you ain't prepared. 😉

TheEnigma313324d ago

Thanks for the input. I'm gonna buy it. PS plus members get a slight discount.

324d ago
morganfell324d ago

The DLC, if sold as a stand alone, would outshine any other game besides it's precursor that was released this year. A remarkable journey, incredible new adventures, breathtaking views, and it folds into the main story perfectly.

Elda324d ago

It's beautiful! Wish it was longer.

morganfell324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Took me just over 11 hours. Then again I 100 percented the main game and Frozen Wilds. I spent over 118 hours in the total package. I searched for every shred of info about the past I could find as well as the easter eggs Guerrilla placed in the game. Love this title.

Zeke68323d ago

Almost forgot, hopefully this link still works for a FREE strategy guide if you need it ;)
The download is sloooow but worth it :)

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Immorals324d ago

Enjoying this game so far

Gamist2dot0324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Half way in this game is it's amazing so far. Gotta love it when you can hack a dino watch a head battle while other dinos are caught in the action and getting destroyed lol.

They sure release a lot of updates but no complaints here.