Wolfenstein II is the game we needed in 2017

We look at Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus as an antidote for the political upheaval taking place in 2017.

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GamesMaster1982321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Best FPS of 2017 that's for sure. No tacked on multiplayer bullshit. A proper full excellent single player awesome game. But the politics side Meh couldn't give a fuck.

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago

It reminds me of Doom, a properly modernized version of old school shooters with a coat of new paint. I've been really enjoying the game so far.

OoglyBoogly318d ago

Nah, Prey was way better. This game was too long with too many cutscenes featuring too many ridiculous scenarios and unlikeable characters all while making the player look like a cry baby 90% of the game.

I dunno, maybe I'm just bitter, but I think The New Order was wayyy better and found this game to be quite lame and forgettable. Even without comparing it to the first I find it to be mediocre over all.

Poobz320d ago

I find the game to be quite boring in play and keep hoping it gets better, but as yet....

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago

I'm enjoying it but I always loose track of my health, would have liked more sound or visual ques on that one but otherwise I think it's good.

OoglyBoogly318d ago

It picks up here and there but kept falling for me. Over all don't feel bad, myself along with a lot of my friends found it to be very a very ho-hum game.

Cy320d ago

jfc, no it's not. No matter what CNN says, Trump isn't Hitler and there's no Nazi threat looming in America. The "political upheaval" is just the media inventing a crisis because they can't handle the fact that Queen Hillary lost the election.

bluefox755320d ago

Not only that, it's great for ratings. Fear mongering means more money for news networks.

Cy320d ago

That too. And they'll be even more desperate now that they're losing all their money names to sexual harassment claims.

2pacalypsenow320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Only people who think we're living in Nazi Germany are liberals that didn't vote for trump and are just pissed they didn't get their way, after all the polls and people were saying Hilary would win, they've never been told "No" and "You lost", so now they're throwing tantrums.

We're living in a time where feelings mean more than facts. It's a shitty time because of that, not Trump.

bumbleforce320d ago

Let's not forget Hillary had a 99% chance of winning the morning of the election

Concertoine320d ago

Yes. The spin that was put on this game was pathetic.

The games been known for a long time now without stirring controversy, barring some fringe groups im sure. I mean the first two reboot games came and went without controversy.

But then they advertized the game with anti-trump hashtags like #notmyamerica and others, and naturally people got mad. THEN the gaming media turned around and made it "trump supporters angry that Wolfenstein is about killing nazis!"

Then of course in the game you cant go 5 minutes without hearing some tumblr dialogue about "why do they always say 'you got balls'? why is it a male thing". I made it a few hours in and had to stop. Most disappointing sequel this year for me.

UnholyLight320d ago

Im gonna step in and just point out HOW THE F did you come to these conclusions LOL? This game was amazing your loss. I never came across any of said dialogue.

Mexxan320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

The snow melts damn fast with these flakes when wholesome Nazi's are portrayed in such a negative light. Why did those millions have to commit 'suicide' in such a way and tarnish such reputable people.

Mexxan320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

You sound like a brown shirt claiming 'nothing to see here..' as he gets his paint ready to dab shop windows.

The country's been infiltrated by the far-right. It's already too late. Your response kinda explains itself.

I'm far from liberal and I'd put myself on the right, but if you think Trump is normal you damn sure don't love your country because it's being sold out from under your feet with the cover of nationalism.

meka2611320d ago

Lol paranoid much there buddy? If anything the left still runs things, but either way the citizens don't anymore

KwietStorm320d ago

Of course he's not Hitler. He's just a bigot jackass who couldn't care less about the people. And that fact has zero to do with Clinton.

meka2611320d ago

Explain how he is a bigot oh wise one.

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yarbie1000320d ago

Terrible level design, boring gameplay, no multiplayer like past games. Yaaaaaaaasssss

showtimefolks320d ago

no multiplayer is a huge yes not every game needs throw in multiplayer

bethesda needs to stay focused as a publisher on single player games

Concertoine320d ago

Yes to bethesda but this is id who made Return to Castle Wolfenstein which had some top grade multiplayer, I'd love to see what they can make given the right resources.

SickSinceSix320d ago

Couldn't reply directly to Concert but no, this isn't done by id, this as well as The New Order and The Old Blood was developed by Machinegames.

2pacalypsenow320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

The New order didn't have MP and it was really good.

Hyperstrada320d ago

True, but this one is just not that good. bummer

showtimefolks320d ago


why is it not as good? from what i understand it's an improvement over the first game and story is said to be good

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