Xbox Owners Should Want More from Microsoft

Agheil writes - "Fellow gamers, this has been a discussion for the longest time and the discussion is looking at the games provided for each console. Playstation gamers have a variety of games to quench their thirst and Nintendo ( even though they recycle to death ) have their own set of first party games as well.

Why does Xbox lack in this area so much?"

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alphafallen351d ago

Xbox owners will say otherwise lol

rollerdisc351d ago

well if you love Halo, gears, and forza and nothing else then ok loool

firelens351d ago

Thats all you need right /s

Eonjay351d ago

When Sony had more power they wanted that.When Sony has better games they want that. Xbox is always the pursuit of PlayStation..

darthv72351d ago

I do love halo, gears and forza. I also love fable, pgr and blinx. Games that have gone silent for much to long.

Hopefully they see the popularity of games in their BC program as a way to gauge interest in bringing new entries to light.

UltraNova351d ago (Edited 351d ago )


Now MS has to use BC to 'gauge interest' on whether to bother making a sequel to an Xbox game? What part of 'no new games' they dont understand?

Its time you guys woke up, realized that you are traped in a perpetual 'lets wait and see' and constant unfulfilled promises cycle and yes demand more from MS!

hamburgerhill351d ago

Who in the heck said Xbox gamers don't want more exclusives?

"When Sony had more power they wanted that.When Sony has better games they want that. Xbox is always the pursuit of PlayStation.."

Yet the same thing happened with the og Xbox and ps2.. nobody cared about visuals until Sony announced ps3 and you heard nothing but hype on games like LAIR. I still remember XNA indie games on Xbox that were ignored yet only mattered to Sony guys at the beginning of this gen . What about Xbox live? Seems like Sony only fans have always wanted everything Xbox as well so basically it goes both ways

Foraoise351d ago

Not to mention, Fable is dead. Lionhead disbanded... That was their best franchise. Unfortunately 2 was worse than 1, and 3 was worse than both...

Miss them with a passion though <3

nix351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

they really don't want anything more, actually. every time MS screws up they're up in arms defending them. MS throws them half eaten bones, they're pretty happy with it. You know, how dogs eat and live off poo when they don't get food, that's pretty much the entire MS fanboys. Lack of games can really make even shitty games look like AAA for them. And worse is they're very grateful for it.

trooper_351d ago

Dudebro shooters, lol.

There's no variety. It's a shame really.

Soulst0rmer350d ago

it really boggles my mind that with The popularity of the Xbox 360, Why has this generation for them been consistently lacking in quality games or even really many games at all? what they build up with the 360 should have given them enough of APUSH to get exclusive titles and Studios of their own. But I guess in all fairness they did shut a lot down and didn't even give lionhead a chance to put something out

AngelicIceDiamond350d ago

Which Xbox owner doesnt want games? Iv'e already said numerous times what MS needs to do. The only area at the moment that needs serious help is the games why make excuses about it?

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Agheil351d ago

To each their own I guess.

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-Foxtrot351d ago

I never understood why though? I mean I don't get why people keep defending a company like everything is perfect. You are a fan buying their products regardless of whatever "side" you are on. Yet if you call them out and have a neutral view you are automatically a *insert rival company* fanboy. It's nobodies fault if one company at the present time is doing more things right compared to the one most disliked, of course people will flock to them instead and big them up more. Back in the early 360 days sites like this were mostly pro Microsoft because of what they were doing for the gaming industry and scolded Sony for their brisk arrogance they had in the beginning. They turned it around as quick as they could while Microsoft slacked off...the scales them tipped which is why online places such as this one might look like it favours one company over the other. The online communities reflect how the companies treat the gaming audience as a whole.

Most people are just gamers pointing out the obvious, if two companies seem to have our interests more at heart then I don't see why pointing it out and expecting better towards the one slacking off makes you a bad guy. If you've got tired of the same PR shit being thrown at you for years and know their patterns where they lie about things then you can't just continue to swallow every lie they tell you. How many times has MS stated the same PR crap about first party games "no no it's coming, games just take 4 years to make"...Years Later..."they are coming, great content planned but we don't want to announce games too early, we need about 3-4 years". You start to see a pattern after a while, if not then I don't know what to say. There's being optimistic but then there's being blind and gullible.

Expect more, expect better, don't settle for less. It's tough love at the end of the day regardless of what company is in the cross hairs

UltraNova351d ago

Well said Fox.

Never settle for mediocre, especially when you are asked to pay dearly for it.

notachance351d ago

it's a classic defend-purchase psychology, amplified by the internet where it's taboo (for the stupid person) to admit they're wrong.

350d ago
hamburgerhill350d ago

Very well said Fox and oh so true! One company simply hasn't been honest ever since the rrod fiasco and It's great they're being called out! What's even more sad are the ones defending them which is a shame when you think about it. Now with that said, I do believe that a very small group are ok with the waiting game and don't care for exclusives. This group does not represent everyone which is why it's unnecessary for other fanboys to be attacking the regular gamers that simply prefer a different platform. The attacks should solely be targeted at the company and not its fans that have been manipulated and told half truths.

darthv72350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

I waited 3 years before I jumped in with both feet to get the ps4 and xbo and I agree with Trump that MS has made the right moves in creating a stable platform but they really havent filled that platform with content like they did during the 360 days.

xbox is not windows but they try and make it that way. Laying the groundwork for others to come in an build upon. It may have worked in the OS market but it doesnt work like that in the console market. I for one am not offended by them releasing games to PC and console so long as they "release games" which they say they will. I'm a patient person and like i said it took me 3 years to invest in this gen. Thankfully I have options in what i play and where i play them.

I like the xbox platform but i don't like the decisions made by MS corporate. Many don't know how to separate the two and only reflect their disdain for MS as a means to keep themselves from buying into the platform. The xbox doesnt deserve the hate it gets... MS does but not the hardware itself. it is a casualty of bad corporate policy.

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Bigpappy351d ago

I am glad there is someone out there to tell us Xbox gamers what we want. We are so DUMB! Thank you great, wise one, where would we be without your superior wisdom and intellect?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen351d ago

So you're one of the people who has decided to settle for less?

notachance351d ago

well you'd be exactly where you are, buying Xbox

Why o why351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Naturally and by default. Xbox owners like big only think of themselves. Ms doesn't need you big, you're already theirs. They need the defectors, the ps and nintendo first gamers, the undecided gamer and to retain some of the disenfranchised xbox owners. New custom. Of course these opinions pain n4g xbox stalwarts but instead of deflecting like big pappy maybe they should stop defending such a cash rich company 247. Sony or Nintendo don't care about my life. If I fall short on my mortgage neither of them are going to help me...thats business but what they do more than ms, especially sony, is provide and invest more of a gaming consoles lifeblood. ..GAMES. The weird thing is so many of these xbox fans are so critical and vocal of any misstep sony do yet rarely use a fraction of that energy and effort against the manufacturer that has continually provided the least. Why would they do more??

trooper_351d ago

When you brag about multiplats and the same recycled franchises, you don't sound like you want more.

Cuzzo63351d ago

Well at least you get the picture

G20WLY350d ago

Congratulations! The first step on the road to recovery is accepting you have a problem. We'll done, brother Pap 😁

andrewsquall350d ago

@Bigpappy The same place you are 4 years into a console's life again. A bleak and uneventful future for the rest of the gen. That's where you literally are without his wisdom and intellect.

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Why o why351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

So true, I mean not all of them but many of the n4g members sure have their excuses and deflects on speed type why nothing is wrong with the lack of output. Ms just haven't got their software game up to par.

notachance351d ago

is there even any new XB fans that started from this gen?
because there's a lot of new PS fans that jumped ship from XB360, only to be delighted to finally tried all the good stuff like Uncharted, TLoU, GoW, multitude of third-party exclusives, etc, with much more to come.

from what I see in N4G at least, the persistent XB fanboys are the old fanboys from previous era who are 'excited' for what MS is offering but somehow have an absurdly high bar for what counts as game on another console, like wtf, if you think only Bloodborne and Uncharted are passable on PS4, how can you even tolerate MS's offering in the first place???

Cyborgg350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

LOL all they care about is 4K

Aceman18350d ago

Well like I've been saying in a few articles, I would gladly repurchase an xbox console if M$ can show me that their 1st party games consists of more than just halo, forza, gears.

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Nyxus351d ago

True (saying this as an Xbox One owner since launch).

rollerdisc351d ago

Surprised that someone admits this. Good on you!

AmstradAmiga350d ago

The only people saying Xbox owners are content seems to be Sony supporters. Regardless of the platform I always expect more.

Unspoken350d ago

^^And here is the truth. Some PlayStation fans make up a reality to feel better about themselves. They must live in a sad and mediocre world.

Rude-ro350d ago

When you more than double you market size from one gen to the next..,
I would say those “Sony” fans were made due to Microsoft’s inabilities.

hamburgerhill350d ago

"Surprised that someone admits this. Good on you!"

Yet I'm surprised that you think Xbox gamers haven't admitted this long ago. They may not go running there mouth online but surely there are many like myself whom are saddened and expect more if they want continued support. Acting as if Xbox gamers don't get it shows you don't know much about our community.

TRS_Gear350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

There seems to be some propaganda like narrative about Xbox owners... Many of us are vocal about how poor the selection of exclusive titles are. However, this doesn't change the fact that many of us simply prefer XBL over PSN, and the UI of the Xbox over Playstation.

At the end of the day...
I think you're misguided if you play exclusively one console.
I think you're a fool if you don't like uncharted or the last of us.
However, I think you're a fool if you prefer the PS controller, PSN, and the PS UI over the Xbox's offerings.

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Why o why351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Good on ya. I always ask the apologists what they say to people like you who sit on the same side of fence as them....... I get nothing but deflection and swerves if anything at all.

That being said I do understand the aspect of rivalry though. I suspect many I speak of express some sort of discontent privately amongst themselves or within their own heads. On here their on some 'no retreat no surrender' s#it.

rollerdisc351d ago

Microsoft has been using the same big IPs as if they were Nintendo.

350d ago
notachance351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

well the difference is that Nintendo IP evolves with time, current Zelda and Mario are vastly different than they were back then.

Halo, Gears, and Forza aren't.
although to be fair, there's only so much you can change in shooter/racing genre, especially if they went for a continuation like Halo/Gears instead of a reset like Zelda/FF style on each entry.

IMO it's best if they kept it to just a few entry and end it on a high note like Uncharted and go make a new IP instead of milking the cash cow until it dies.

Fable was supposed to be the one leading the charge for MS dammit, at this age where everyone from Zelda, Mario to HZD and God of War scrambling to make an open-world game, Fable was such a perfect fit for MS's first-party to get into the race, but alas...

I'm hopeful for Playground's new open-world RPG though, because I absolutely love their FH3
what if it's... a new Fable??

UltraNova351d ago

I sure hope they let Playground do what they want first. Its safe to say it will probably be a great game because lets be honest, these guys know how to make a fun game.

As for bringing Fable back; I could see that helping but which MS studio can actually develop it to the standards at hand?

Prince_TFK350d ago


Currently they have very few in house studios. So the only logical studio for Fable would be Rare. They could also hire third party devs to do the job (Obsidian comes to mind).

firelens351d ago

We do want more but not enough of us i guess

G20WLY350d ago

Just feels like the diehard fanboys, blind patriots and/or plain idiots hold the platform back for everyone else who actually want to see them up their damn game. 😔

Cmdrpilgrim350d ago

Actually fans of the Xbox as a console demands more, however most consumers are not fanboys, this n4g community is a tiny percentage of the gaming market.

G20WLY350d ago

^Totally agree.

Sadly, the fanatics ruin it for the rest of us, proclaiming from every rooftop and every website that they are content. It's the silent majority that suffer.

fiveby9350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

It seems MS does not have the same creative spirit and freedom which Sony encourages. Sony has taken many more chances over the years and that pedigree manifests itself in games which can be a commercial success. Where is MS's Bend, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, and more? How is it a software company like MS can lack so much in the creativity department?

FallenAngel1984351d ago

Microsoft for the longest of time have had an issue managing their various internal developers

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen351d ago

Microsoft tends to stifle creativity which is why their developers are stuck with Halo, Forza, and Gears.

andydalum350d ago

That has been true in the past but let's see if they continue the trend with what they did with playground games and let them start working on a RPG. Let's hope there is more of this

G20WLY350d ago

^Honestly, they've been trading off hope and false promises for far too long now. I'm done with that nonsense.

I need to see a prolonged period of PROVEN change to even consider giving Xbox ANY more money.

Goldby350d ago


Playground is an independent studio. Unless they are the ones paying for the development of this rpg, ms has no say in what they do or don't do

fiveby9350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

MS sure does not appear to encourage creativity and take chances. They rely too much on timed exclusivity deals which costs them money. Money which they could otherwise invest in their own studios. It's a band-aid approach to fostering a unique and interesting games lineup. It took Sony many years to build up the stable of high-quality creative devs. It will take MS years to catch up in that regard if they ever do. MS needs to let these studios take chances and be creative. It feels like only the bean counters are there making decisions and at the slightest indication of a malfunction they pull the plug on a studio.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen350d ago (Edited 350d ago )


Scalebound is the most recent example of Microsoft constantly interfering with a game in development. Hideki Kamiya complained constantly that people from Xbox were constantly annoying him, asking him to make changes and reveal gameplay too early in the development cycle.Obviously, Kamiya didn't want to rush the game so Microsoft cancelled funding for it. That is Microsoft's M.O.

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