PS2 Classics: Capcom, we need an Onimusha remake, especially its sequel

Most of us want an Onimusha remake, but an Onimusha 2 remake would be more than welcome. It’s time a special series is brought back in our eyes, Jason Rocha explores this as part of our PS2 Classics Series, part of PauseResumeQ4.

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Nodoze1835d ago

This is what I do not get. There are so much great IP and they are doing nothing with it. Remaster/HD release. Release it on virtual to cut down on costs. Every platform now has digital distribution.

badz1491835d ago

the way they just ignored Onimusha is criminal

andrewsquall1835d ago

Onimusha 2 Remaster is all I need. I only ever remember playing through the first one once back in the day and it was a very "early PS2" affair with that similar half a second pause when it switches the camera shot from one prerendered background screen to the next.
The second one was when things kicked into overdrive and it still hold ups well today much like RE REmake. The 3rd one was a step back for me, going with less impressive 3d environments and that whole Jean Reno thing WITHOUT his actual voice drove me nuts. I never really played much of the 4th one at all and I forget if it was well received or not.

Movefasta19931835d ago

I dont know about anybody else but I played them all and dawn of dreams is by far the best one for me.all the characters you get to play as are awesome.

_-EDMIX-_1834d ago

Dawn Of Dreams is that last gem for PS2.

I like it a lot too.

_-EDMIX-_1834d ago

that game...


Replayed it several times, several generations lol Every gen I make it a thing to play Onimusha 1 and 2 (didn't care for 3 that much)

stuna11835d ago

Please, Please, Please! I still own the original 3.

lellkay1835d ago

original Trilogy was great. I played the first one through last year. Keep meaning to pay through the 2nd and 3rd again soon.

_-EDMIX-_1834d ago

Don't sleep on Dawn Of Dreams (no pun intended)

Also a great title.

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