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Pay-to-finish and pay-to-win in one game is probably giving Martin Shkreli a capitalism-horn in prison as we speak but not many people will appreciate this

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thorstein480d ago

Sorry, only Star Wars Battlefront II gets hate. What is wrong with you? It can only be that game specifically (even though the cash for crates has been turned off.).

Please ignore all other games that work exactly the same way.

AnubisG480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

You bitch and moan when SWBF2 get's hate and complain that it's the ONLY game that gets hate and others should too.

Now you bitch and moan when NFS get's called out for the same reason.

I don't think that you are right in the head.

PrimeVinister480d ago

He is taking the piss. It is funny!

AnubisG480d ago

We've been talking before and thorstein is very upset with the fact that SWBF2 got called out because of it's shady business practices. He states this multiple times under various articles on this site and constantly complains that it's only BF2 that is picked on when BF2 isn't the only one with MT's not realizing that it is the worst offender. He was saying that gaming journalists have lost all integeity becaus of this.

thorstein479d ago

Get the story right Anubis.

I said that when you (or any critic) reviews a game, you can't just switch up the criteria to fit your clickbait.

I don't like the MTs and Loot Crates, but YOU gave COD an 8 but SWBFII a 5 and the only reason was because of the mt/ loot crates.

It is called lack of integrity. But, thanks for stalking all my comments. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

AnubisG479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

Jesus Christ buddy. How many times I have to tell you, I'm not a game reviewer. I'm not even a game journalist. I gave CoDWW2 nothing, I gave SWBF2 nothing since I don't work in gaming journalism.

You know what? Never mind. It's pointless.

PS: Stalking you? You are hard to miss with your EA and MT loving comments.

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Hanilugtehul479d ago

Maybe because star wars franchise is one off the biggest in the world. The fanbase is bigger so more people complain so it makes sense. "Please ignore all other games that work exactly the same way." which games work exactly the same? EA is doing it but who else, and which games?

mazer_rancor480d ago

Eventually right turns will be sold as DLC.

PrimeVinister480d ago

"But you can still use three lefts, the right turn pack is for players who don't have the time to play as much as most gamers."

AnubisG480d ago

And there will gamers who will complain about this "optional" MT, imagine that. I can't believe these entitled gamers. The right turn MT is just something optional. I personally like to have options in my game. In fact, I hope that we will get more options like the left turn as a time saver MT and the brake as time saver as well. I also, I would like to see options like going faster than 50mph with each car, self driving cars that win races for you, self playing the whole game. I mean, who has time for that right? /sarcasm

PrimeVinister479d ago

AnubusG - Haha true, sadly very true

fenome479d ago

Don't forget about the five minute cooldown for using brakes. Wouldn't want people exploiting the brake pedal now would we?