New Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Incoming; Promises Info on Episode Ignis and More

Final Fantasy XV is getting a new Active Time Report broadcast, promising new information on Episode Ignis, Comrades and more.

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PhoenixUp326d ago

Why dafuq is Cindy still in the goddamn thumbnails for this game?

fenome325d ago

If I didn't know anything about this game I'd think she was the main character because she's the only one they ever show in the thumbnail. Final Fantasy: Cindy

fenome325d ago


How do you figure?

I'm not just talking about this site, I like dualshockers. Cheatcc is the worst culprit, they've ran like 20 articles on this game that all had Cindy in the thumbnail.

InKnight7s324d ago

A fantasy based on breasts 😂😂

325d ago
DethWish325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Interesting, haven't bought the season pass or any of the dlc yet, but with more and more value added I might soon

Teflon02325d ago

i own the game physical but bbought the deluxe bundle yesterday because it was cheaper than the season pass and it was givvving the season pass with it lol. Guess I own the game twice lol