Developer confirms he was fired by EA & PopCap and that he opposed freemium

PowerUp! - "George Fan, a former employee of PopCap and EA, wrote on Twitter this week seemingly confirming a widely believed rumour. The rumour began when another developer, Edmund McMillen (creator of Super Meat Boy), spoke of Fan’s firing on the Roundtable Live! podcast."

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Relientk77330d ago

I hope EA gets worst company in America again. They deserve it above any other company bar none.

Jaypi03329d ago

From a gamer standpoint I want to agree, but generally, i don't think they're as bad companies like wells fargo or bank of america that literally leave people homeless, when they (the banks) make mistakes and people can't access their money.

-Foxtrot330d ago

Not just a developer the CREATOR of the God damn series

It's mad. Make something special, get it to where it is and BOOM fired "Now get the f*** out of my office"

I don't think he would have allowed Garden Warfare to happen in my opinion

CorndogBurglar329d ago

Its a shame too, because the original Plants vs Zombies was so good. I didn't even play the 2nd one because it was just a locked game with progression that heavily relied on paying real money.

AizenSosuke330d ago

EA will get burned by me and my Kyouka Suigetsu

kevinsheeks329d ago

Ahh so this is what happens when a developer doesn't want to ruin their creation with freemium/premium bs . .they end up jobless... .

what a beautiful industry we support . . .the customers get treated like mindless idiots and the developers get treated like slaves . . .and the publishers are our overlords I suppose.

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