Amazon Digital Blowout Sale For Thanksgiving Day: Live

November is a month with a lot to celebrate. The Amazon Digital Sale for Thanksgiving Day Live is a special event that is certainly worthy of a cheer. This holiday season, you can get your hands on some of the best games and bundles available anywhere online. Want the newest PS4 title? Looking for your favorite AAA Xbox One game? Check out this live Thanksgiving Day event through Amazon before the deals go away!

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mrgreaper417d ago

I did not check it out...and I did, after a few minutes of soul searching, manage to forgive myself.

FullmetalRoyale424d ago

I snagged the Steelbook edition of Yakuza Kiwami for fifteen bucks. Do with that what you will.

FullmetalRoyale424d ago

Thanks! If it’s half as good as Yakuza 0, I’ll enjoy it!