Mark Antoon: ‘We Want to Break the Stigma Around Adult Gaming’ with Nutaku

Hardcore Gamer had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Antoon, the president of Nutaku, for an exclusive interview. We chatted to Mr. Antoon about Nutaku’s mission to ‘sexify’ gaming, the platform’s 50-million-user milestone, how the website could be seen as a way to promote sexism and misogyny and his thoughts on hentai’s impact outside of the Asian territory.

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bluefox755381d ago

I think the stigma is less about the "adult" aspect, and more that adult games usually just suck as games.

Servbot41380d ago

Yeah, gonna need something more than visual novels. Illusion are the closest to making actual games.

Chaos_Order380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Yeah, a lot of them are just wish fulfillment visual novels, or rather cringey stuff like Gal Gun.

An exception to the rule would be Dungeon Travelers 2. It has the scantily clad female heroes, scantily clad enemies, but by God the battle and levelling system is incredibly deep and allows for creative freedom, combat can reach white knuckle thrill levels (especially some of the tougher bosses) and the tricks and traps of the various dungeons constantly keep you on your toes. Brutal, but rewarding. Low in budget and visually unimpressive, but for RPG stat nerds and fans of dungeon crawling, it's sublime. One of my favourite RPGs of the last decade.

ErogeMaster380d ago

Jp visual novels are where it's at none of this western made trash is even good people who thought doki doki literature was edgy hasn't ever played a vn in their life.