The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - Review (PSVR) - Handsome Phantom

Handsome Phantom reviews Skyrim VR and says "PSVR has come a long way, and Skyrim VR is its crowing jewel."

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generic-user-name356d ago

The best way to play Skyrim imo.

G20WLY356d ago

Anyone who tries it would surely agree. It's staggering to play inside Skyrim!

Tgere are a few niggles here and there (it's Bethesda, after all!), but the design are listening and have already confirmed patches are coming.

Id also like Fallout 4 on PSVR, pretty please! 😁

356d ago
UnHoly_One356d ago

You people are nuts. VR is such a joke.

Profchaos356d ago

Have you actually played it

generic-user-name356d ago

Fighting a 1:1 scale dragon is no joke m8, it's what us VR gamers get to enjoy.

G20WLY355d ago

VR is the nuts. You're a joke.

Prince_TFK356d ago

By “the best way to play Skyrim” you meant “the best way to play Skyrim for half an hour at a time while trying your best not to vomit, get eye strain, or headache”.

Profchaos356d ago

You've never actually played VR have you?

Prince_TFK356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Yes I had never played in VR (Unless you count Gear VR) but I base my opinion on the reviews and many of those who had played it.

Aggesan356d ago

I just ended a four hour session in Skyrim VR. Wanted to stay in longer, but had to go to sleep. No discomfort at all. VR is just like sailing. Most people get a bit ill the first time, but get used to it after some experience.

fonduktoe356d ago

If you've never played the game then don't post uninformed opinions intended to be inflammatory. I've played it and it's amazing to me. Keep your horseshit in the shed.

generic-user-name356d ago

" but I base my opinion on the reviews and many of those who had played it."

He says while commenting on a 9/10 review.

"Yes I had never played in VR"

Then your opinion is uninformed and no good to anyone.

Prince_TFK356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Oh so are you guys saying I can’t have an opinion over something that I don’t own or play? Got it.

But I wonder..why so many other people here post their opinions intend to be “inflammatory” over consoles that they don’t own, namely the Switch and the Xbox? Oh I forget, it ok to do that on this site, but not the other way around.

And FYI, I based my opinion on many other reviews, not just this one. And if I am so wrong, how do you explain other reviews when they say the got sick when playing this for even for a short time? Wait, maybe they are being unfair to Sony as always right?

G20WLY355d ago

Or, you know, just form your own opinion based on experience and don't adopt someone else's?

Plenty of people have played this for monster sessions like 6-12 hours with no ill effects. Of course, there are some people, who are prone to motion sickness, that will vomit as soon as they look at a boat.

You can choose to believe that represents the majority, if it fits your hater agenda 😉, but you're only punishing yourself while you wait for Microsoft to catch up with all the other big names in gaming.

yeahokwhatever355d ago

1. Some people will always have problems with some tech.
2. With VR, it's important to calibrate the system to your eyes.
3. Most people of those who experience discomfort, their body adapts after a couple of uses and it no longer bothers them.
4. You're really missing out on the best tech of the past 15 years if you're passing up VR over some silly fanboy nonsense.

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Pancit_Canton356d ago

PSVR is the future.

Hopefully, Sony would integrate the VR hardware inside the PS5 system and make it more powerful. Greatness Awaits..

Chicago8506356d ago

Yea it's pretty awesome being n the world. Been playing it for hrs n took a break. I too would like more full VR titles moving 4-ward.

Game on

MasterCornholio356d ago

Glad to hear that they enjoyed it. Hopefully more AAA games on PS4 will get the VR treatment.