Why Dating Sims Are So Popular

Love is out there for everyone, but for some people, it's found within their computer screen. It's time to delve into the wild world of the dating sim, looking at the way they've changed throughout the years, and why exactly they've become the modern phenomenon they are today.

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ErogeMaster1099d ago

Don't think they're that popular the jp no games that go towards dark territory never get localized anyway.

Tross1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Well, as a core gamer it's always unacceptable to me if an entire genre passes me by. It doesn't have to turn out to be my favourite as long as I've given it a try. Too bad this particular genre is mostly locked away in Japan, and though dating sims and romantic visual novels are starting to be localized or indie developed for Western audiences, it's almost exclusively the otome variety, and we can pretty much forget things like dubs or physical releases. Still, I'm glad they're no longer necessarily Japan exclusive. Granted, I did beat the first Tokimeki Memorial on my PS3 with the help of a translation app, and even won over Shiori. One day I'll have that infernal language down so I won't need an app, lol.

For the record, otome games aren't the entire genre. They're just the female side where the player (typically) pursues male love interests. Why bishoujo games, the male equivalent which the genre was built on aren't being localized but otome games are is beyond me. You'd think otome games would be even more niche given the ratio of male gamers vs female gamers, but oh well. Also, most localized otome games are romantic visual novels, which are visual novels. Actual dating sims are sims. Trust me, I've dabbled a little with a Japanese PSN account.