Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Will Add a Second V-Trigger For All Characters

Capcom showcased the new V-Triggers that will be added to all Street Fighter V characters in the Arcade Edition in February.

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RAM0N 385d ago

That Ed second V-Trigger looks good now show me karin's and that Sagat trailer.

datriax385d ago

lol So much for no Street Fighter V "editions" huh Capcom? Liars as always.

Stay cool video game industry.

Majin-vegeta385d ago

Yea it sucks but at least we don't have to buy it and get the update for free

Veneno385d ago

You hate free updates? Okaaaaaaaaay......

Teflon02384d ago

Not what they said... They said you'll never need more than the first game. All this is a free update to the game. Arcade edition is the updated version everyone will have. They've kept true to what they said