Amazon Slashes $100 Off On PS4 Slim 1TB Console & PlayStation VR Bundles

If you’ve been waiting to get a PlayStation 4 console along with a PlayStation VR, Amazon has some nice deals for you! Right now on their website, they are offering $100 off on PS4 console and PSVR bundle deals.

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DeadSilence331d ago

Not just Amazon, deals is for the whole North America across all retailers.

datriax330d ago

That VR. Selling so damn hot and flying off the shelves so fast, that they raised the price by $100 to slow down the sales. Oh wait......... did I read that wrong?

Prodigy1971330d ago

Wouldnt it be better to bundle the PS4 PRO with the VR Headset instead of a slim?

nowitzki2004330d ago

They didn't bundle the console and the VR.

DoubleYourDose330d ago

Anyone (with hands-on experience) know whether it's important to have Move controllers and not just the DS4 controller?