Does the EarthBound Series Have a Future?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Of all of Nintendo’s franchises, there’s none that has gotten the short end of the stick as much as the EarthBound (or Mother) series. Year in and year out fans of the whimsical RPG franchise anticipate every single E3 conference, Tokyo Game Show and Nintendo Direct in the hopes of… something related to the series making its way to their Nintendo systems and every year and every single time the result is the same; disappointment, anger and circling the next Nintendo event on the calendar and marking it down as ‘the time it finally gets announced.’ Despite this very loyal and vocal set of fans constantly demanding that Nintendo pays attention to the EarthBound series the situation is a bit more complicated than what is the case with many other of Nintendo’s properties leading us to ask – does the series even have a future?"

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PhoenixUp335d ago

Itoi wanted the series to end with MOTHER 3, so he destroyed what little else remained of the entire world, and failed to answer the question of how the characters survived that - but they all personally insist to the player that they survived and they're happy. Somehow. Itoi said that the original script for the game was even darker, so the original ending was probably meant to kill every character.

DJK1NG_Gaming334d ago

It would better if Nintendo just make a spiritual successor or spinoff for it

addictedtochaos334d ago

Series has no future. According to an interview with Reggie (I think it was) Nintendo doesn’t actually own Mother/Earthbound.

_-EDMIX-_334d ago

I was just going to say that

septemberindecember334d ago

I’m pretty sure they own the IP. Almost 100% positive on that. However, there is an issue with the music licensing for past titles, from what I know.

FallenAngel1984334d ago

Just go try other Earthbound inspired games like Costume Quest 1+2 and Undertale

DrJones333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

It should now with the Switch doing so well. This would be a perfect title for that system