ReCore Xbox One X File Size Revealed

ReCore Xbox One X file size has been revealed for the enhanced version of the game with Xbox Marketplace coming in at a small size. Other details include the resolution change with the enhancement and how the size is smaller than before.

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jmetalhead778121951d ago

I've been playing the additional content on the X and it looks and plays much better. With all the improvements, it’s actually a pretty good game. Having a lot of fun with it.

mcstorm1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I really need to play this game. I got it last year started it but had a baby this year and has taken up all my time. Treated my self to an X so need to get some gaming time back now. Oooo the joys of getting old haha

It also makes me wonder how well this game sold with it getting the updates as it must of done well to get them.

jmetalhead778121951d ago

I know, it’s a damn shame. The good thing for us who bought the game when it came out, got the additional content free. In the end, it’s all good I guess.

Congrats on the young one. Lots of fun!!

mcstorm1950d ago

Yeah i agree it is good going to give it a shot in the next few weeks and thanks it is hard work having a little one but I agree it is also alot of fun to.

mark_parch1951d ago

i'm thinking about getting the definitive edition in the black friday digital sale. would anybody recommend it and does anybody know if the xbox one x enhancements are live yet

jmetalhead778121951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Yes, the X enhancements are live. Although, not a graphical showcase, so far from the enhanced games I’ve played this might be one of the bigger jumps in improvement. Plus, all the fixes to game made it much more enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

Don’t know if everyone knows this, but in your games and apps page, you display X enhanced only games. I currently stand at 20😃. With a least a dozen known coming soon.

mark_parch1951d ago

Thanks. it was the poor textures, bugs and load times that put me off buying at release but if they have all been fixed and it's dirt cheap think im going to give it a blast. the gameplay mechanics look really fun

jmetalhead778121950d ago


Yeah, I powered through the load times and glitches when it first came out. Now, it’s a completely different game... Of all the enhanced games, this is the one I’ve been playing the most. Lots of exploring too, which I like.

Metalord1951d ago

A little rough diamond of a game , great fun