Every Major Xbox One Exclusive - Ranked From Worst To Best

Even though Microsoft started out well on the exclusive front, releasing a wealth of sequels to popular franchises and creating brand new original IP for the Xbox One in the console's first couple of years, the company's rate of new releases has suffered a sharp decline since Gears of War 4.

While gamers wait for more upcoming titles to hit, it's the ideal time to look back and assess the state of the Xbox One's library at our disposal. By now Microsoft has amassed a rather impressive library of exclusives, but which are the ones that you need to play and which should only be touched when they inevitably show up Games with Gold?

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Chris122013d ago

Horrendous website with pages and pages of adverts. Save your time.

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medman2013d ago

Thank you for saving me from the nonsense.

1Victor2013d ago

I like to check things up n my own and it's true what chris12 said plus you have to keep clicking for the next paragraph page

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Skip it. It's yet another one-title-per-page list from clickvulture.

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kfk2013d ago

Without ports and remasters, there have been only four retail true exclusives released for Xbox One in the almost four years since launch: Forza 5, Halo 5, Powerstar Golf, and Sunset Overdrive.

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PhoenixUp2013d ago

That tagline never ceases to be hilarious in an unintentional way

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