10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

Critical reviews have always been at the center of the video game world. Making or breaking a new release depending on the score it receives, the response surrounding a title always becomes an immediate talking point, with discussion getting heated when some publications don't line up with others.

Such consensus isn't just important to players, though, as developers often have clauses in their contracts that require them to hit a certain number on Metacritic in order to receive a bonus or to be considered a success.

Despite the stock people put into official reviews, critics and fans are often divided on the biggest releases, resulting in acclaimed video games that players actually hate, and big titles that were shat on by publications ending up being loved by fans

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-Foxtrot2385d ago

Well lets be honest most of the time journalists have their head so far up developers/publishes asses that they'd miss plenty of flaws they'd crucify other games for just incase they'd upset them. Then you have the fact many of them get some great unique press kits worth a lot of money if they were to sell them.

Seraphim2384d ago

and let's not forget in this day in age players, scratch that, people are complaining about anything and everything. Yeah we might hate on certain aspects or games but we still have fun and enjoy some of them.

Godmars2902384d ago

You mean "everything" as in MTs, overpriced collection editions that don't include the game and DLC that comes off as being content cut from the full game? Anti-consumer practices that are becoming more and more common?

mikeslemonade2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Overrated games are:
Bioshock Infinite
Mario Galaxy 2
Uncharted 3
Halo 3
Bayonetta 2
GTAV Remaster PC version
Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Witcher 3
Dragon Age Inquisition

Games that are not overrated on the list is DmC.

Games that are probably overrated that I have not played is Wolfenstein (2017).

RGB2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Uncharted 3 was underrated, as good as or as near good as Uncharted 2 and 4.
MGSV - okay, you know it was unfinished right and looked and played better than most completed games.
Red Dead Redemption - You have to be kidding me.
The Witcher III - Yep, you are kidding... Yourself too.

GTAIV was super overrated though, GTAV scoring less yet was so much better.

Sgt_Slaughter2384d ago

If those games are overrated, I would love to see what you deem amazing.

mikeslemonade2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Overrated does not mean they're not good games. They just have too high of a score.


If Ucharted 3 is as good as 2 it shouldn't be that high of a score if you only match equal your predecessor. Uncharted 2 has the legacy of setting the cinematic standard for the entire generation. And it even bled into this generation.

MGS5 is too high. You can't just give a game because the mecahnics and scope are great. The actual campaign is meh and wasted a lot of time running to the next objective. Plus it's watch tower mission after watch tower. It's like the best mission was the demo or beta mission.

RDR is boring single campaign. Just pop and shoot with auto aim. Blah blah blah blah

5Witcher 3 is boring campaign and overrated graphics. Which of stories do I actually remember. Only the voice acting is great. Plus clunky controls.

GTAV is amazing for being a game on old hardware. Now the remaster getting the same score basically is bogus.

Pretty much meta is wrong most of the time. They grade to easily on ports and remasters. They are biased against games that come out every year. For example COD, Battlefield, and AC should be higher. I'm not for those games but they need to realise every game that comes out is probably a 85 rating or higher. Anything lower means they have a bias. And then they are biased for Nintendo games. Basically any AAA Nintendo game is 90 so I use a -8 for WiiU games and a -6 for Switch games.

Outside_ofthe_Box2384d ago

"RDR is boring single campaign. Just pop and shoot with auto aim. Blah blah blah blah "

Are you serious??? RDR's campaign is among the best of last gen. And if you take into account that it's open world, it's even more impressive given how difficult it is to tell a compelling story in a non-linear game at the time.

Not even going to bother commenting on you over-simplifying the gameplay =/

Steveoreno12384d ago

I would hate to have Mike's brain.

conanlifts2384d ago

@mikeslemonade A lot of the games you have listed are the same sort of style and genre. It seems as though you just dislike those genres from your list. So rather than being over rated I would just say they are not the sort of games you should choose in the future. It would be like me saying fighting games or racer are over rated, When in actual fact I just dislike that gameplay.

MajorLazer2383d ago


Never go full retard

mikeslemonade2383d ago

lol not my fault you guys don't know how to rate games.

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killswitch802384d ago

Lets be honest metacritic is just 10 scores or 0.

RommyReigns2384d ago

'Well lets be honest most of the time journalists have their head so far up developers/publishes asses that they'd miss plenty of flaws they'd crucify other games for just incase they'd upset them. '

*cough* Zelda Breath of the Wild *cough*

-Foxtrot2384d ago

Metal Gear Solid V

Final Fantasy XIII

Grand Theft Auto V

dmc reboot

All overrated by reviewers

It's a long list

CaptainObvious8782384d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees. BotW is this years most over rated title by far.

andrewsquall2384d ago

Exactly, I still use a Youtuber like Angry Joe as a perfect example. Even if he thinks he is doing good he is STILL promoting these games by doing any videos of them at all. Then an event like Paris Games Week comes and goes and he doesn't do a single mention on it whatsoever let alone a single game that was at it

He did over hype videos this year on all the worse mt riddled games including Injustice with its RIDICULOUS talk of character DLC 5 months before launch, Star Wars BFII and Shadow of War. Even pure disaster train wrecks like Mass Effect Andromeda. Yet not a squeak about games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5 or Yakuza Kiwami (since he made a big deal out of Yakuza 0, although I think its more embarrassing when he admits he is only playing a game because its on PS4 and he never would have bothered if it is a PS3 release).

And that is only him as an example, there are plenty others out there that make waaaay too big a deal of EA and Warner's games. He didn't even do a damn MENTION of Spider-man at PGW but if it were a game coming to the Xbox market too he would have been all over it.

conanlifts2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

You also need to take into account the huge amount of hate that large franchises generate. Games like destiny 2 for example received a lot of its negative and 0 scores on the 7th September, the day it released. Metacritic is far more flawed regarding user reviews as it has no system in place to verify whether the reviewer has even played the game. Horizon Zero Dawn and gears of war 4 of other examples of 0 rated reviews that are all posted on the launch day. The system is broken.

KickSpinFilter2384d ago

Well if your looking at user reviews on Metacritic your broken. You can only look at journalist reviews on there.

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ziggurcat2385d ago

I wouldn't really say a game that is in the 70s counts as "critically acclaimed."

Dario_DC2384d ago

70s in gaming is like 50s in movies.
So I do agree with you.

Avery__2384d ago

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leoms2384d ago

mass effect 3 and dragon age 2 were good games though

Liqu1d2384d ago

I thought DA2 was utter trash compared to Origins.

2384d ago
WeaseL2384d ago

never believe user scores they are rife with fanboys.

Cobra9512384d ago

Right. That's the real story here. Review bombing happens all the time. I can't trust user reviews.

NotoriousWhiz2384d ago

I trust user reviews more than critical reviews for certain games. Obviously, you have to pick a user that looks like he's not a rabid fanboy, but usually those aren't too hard to spot.