The Industry Has Turned It's Back On EA And Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II has been a PR nightmare for EA and although they have decided to turn off microtransactions it might be too late.

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rezzah336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

it is not over yet, this is just one game for one publisher and it is only temporary (microtransaction removal).

darthv72335d ago

Despite all the controversy, i will get the game (used). Im not going to let what they did detract me from playing.

Buying it new, however..... yeah they turned me off.

335d ago
fiveby9335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

I think at this point I will not buy the game no matter what EA does with their MT system in the game. They just have not earned any good will. They were going to make a ton of money even if they had zero MT's. But instead, they chose to exploit an already favorable situation for themselves. If this was not a Disney property they would have made no changes. I can only imagine what BIOWARE is being instructed to do with Anthem. Sorry EA, but I'm sitting this one out.

rainslacker336d ago

" The gaming community has no problem recognizing the hardwork and paying a buck or two extra for in-game purchases. The problem however arises when microtransactions turns into full fledged exploitation, as it did in Star Wars Battlefront II."

This is probably the best way to say what the difference is between MT, and what EA tried to implement.

It's not that MT themselves are bad, it's always in how they're implemented.

InTheZoneAC335d ago

MT are bad regardless

MT are even worse when it doesn't offer only cosmetics, which should also be earned in game

Goldenarmz335d ago

MT are not bad, Maplestory and other F2P games on PCs have been using them for decades. Its just when you release a 60$ game and then half of it is ripped out and piece out to you as MT. Then that when it becomes bad.

Tapewurm335d ago

I bought the PS4 Pro Battlefront II bundle and I am happy with the game..... The single-player campaign, although short, was fun and I enjoyed it.... The Arcade Mode is a lot of fun too.... Split screen coop... awesome..... and in the multiplayer matches I have played thus far, I can honestly say I have held my own and I haven't used any "microtransactions" and I won't... I will buy DLC as it comes to support the game..... Truly don't care to get wrapped up in all this over-reacting to how they handled it.... As a TRUE Star Wars fan, I like the game.... Taking Han Solo through Tatooine blasting Stormtroopers..... what's not to love? (was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed playing the prequel content as well... who knew that battle droids could be fun to play? This guy knows now! 8D... Hopefully EA will address whatever has got the "snowflakes" upset... Just not seeing it from my point of view!)

Razmiran335d ago

Oh, i see you are using the "It doesnt bother me so its not a problem" strategy

InTheZoneAC335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

This snowflake ignores the issue so it's not a problem.....................

TheVetOfGaming335d ago

Snowflakes? This is nothing like that. What an idiotic statement.

Chexs1990335d ago

You don't know what the term "snowflake" means, do you bro?
I hope to God you're trolling, otherwise this is beyond ignorant.
No one really hammered down the gameplay, it's the business strategy behind the game that's got a lot, and I repeat, A LOT of people upset.

Mexxan335d ago

Hoping to get your dlc free for defending the 'honour' of EA?
Sadly, this is the state of play today - when gamers no longer agree to being ripped off any more they're referred to as snowflakes.

Truly sad. Won't be long before you spend hundreds of dollars in this game and thank EA for stealing your money.

CyberCam335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Tapewurm is nothing but a “Skinner Box Lab Rat”, he’ll be feeding the “Operant Conditioning Chamber Lever” soon enough! Read 3rd post in link...

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strayanalog337d ago

Great to see a lot of the industry unite, but like I've said before, don't buy the game or this means nothing. Keep the pressure on guys!

DillyDilly336d ago

People will buy it but the servers will get quickly abandoned

lio_convoy336d ago

I didn't buy it and won't ever buy it. So you're wrong.

KwietStorm336d ago


It's good that you're not "people" then, yea?

CorndogBurglar336d ago

@ lio_convoy

Wow! I didn't know you represent all "people".

_-EDMIX-_336d ago


Don't think EA really cares if you stop playing it, when they have your money, they are happy. Look at it like this...

DLC and Season Pass is free....

They turned off MTs.

Soooooo don't know how much money they'd be looking to really make after launch.

_-EDMIX-_336d ago

@Lio- wrong or right.

Anyone is free to buy any game they feel like it. You don't like it, don't buy it, but no need to try to judge other users on simply buying games to play. That is what gamers do.

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TheVetOfGaming336d ago

Had no intention of buying it after all the crap they shoved into it. Taking it away makes no difference to me.

Str8Chaos74336d ago

I bought it when they shut off micro transactions then returned it once they said the were bringing them back and allowing an accelerated experience for people who bought the crystals. Once I make sure my refund goes through I will be uninstalling origin.

HollowKnight335d ago

I'm actually tempted to buy It on Xbox just to try It out. Is It that bad?

_-EDMIX-_336d ago


This is pure click bait. Many unite over many things that happen in gaming....did they not with Battlefront 1? moved 15 million units and EA made ANOTHER Battlefront game.

Sunny_D335d ago

Battlefront didn’t have no where the same problem as Battlefront. It was shallow and barebones for a game. MANY also wanted the original Star Wars Battlefront style of game instead of this crap.

LiamKreptic335d ago

Was gonna buy it...then I played the beta in was boring and the loot boxes make it worse.

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lelo2play337d ago

All this fuss... and yet Star Wars Battlefront II is at the top of Amazon bestsellers.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

KwietStorm336d ago

People didn't buy the game because of bad publicity. They bought it because it's Star Wars. The majority of people don't even know of this whole controversy, and might not have even heard the term loot boxes.

Snookies12336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Exactly, it's the people who don't go on gaming news sites that are buying it. I might pick it up down the road when it's under 10 bucks (used of course, to avoid supporting EA and Dice for this disaster.) Just for single-player campaign, and that's it lol.

nix336d ago

Until mainstream media picks it up no ordinary ppl will know. Some were proud that it got downvoted in reddit... Like 99% of ppl don't even know what reddit is.

_-EDMIX-_336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

"They bought it because it's Star Wars. "

Nope, they also bought it because its buy a trusted solid team.

The last several Star Wars gamers were not all moving 15 million units......sorry but no, Star Wars Battlefront is not simply selling based on the Star Wars name ALONE. Clearly the team DICE and EA also have a history of trust with consumers for a solid product. People generally are not going to be spending money on something they think is not going to be fun.

If its selling JUST because Star Wars, why not Force Unleashed? That move 15 million too? Why not Lego Star Wars? Why not KOTOR? Heck...why not the ORIGINAL Battlefront? No. Games are not simply selling for name alone, if that was the case Transformers would be smoking Call Of Duty in sales lol

Majority likely didn't hear of loot boxes, but I gather the majority don't care.

Easy question, does it stop me from playing it?

Want to know how much people want Battlefront 2? ummmm Snookies- " I might pick it up down the road when it's under 10 bucks (used of course, to avoid supporting EA and Dice for this disaster.)" Sooo the fact that money is an option and they are still going to get the game, further shows even its own damn critics want to play it.

What does that REALLY tell you about the quality of this game, that EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AGAINST the publisher want to play it lol

How many games can you REALLY say, you are against all these practices, but still going to buy down the line?....that is very powerful and very much illustrates the popularity and trust of this developer

enviable27336d ago

@Snook, Exactly and that is the majority, which this whole complaining and whining was for nothing but wasted keystrokes.

EatCrow336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Not true. The majority buy the games that are most public.... Hardcore gamers are the ones that buy less popular mainstream titles, which star wars is clearly not. Which means that the devs making smaller titles, not as widely known as star wars, will make sure to be careful.

rainslacker336d ago

If there are a enough hardcore gamers who aren't spending their money on it, then it makes an impact. It doesn't mean the game won't be successful if they don't buy it, but it can still add up to a significant amount of money.

For a company looking to maximize profits, that's kind of going in the opposite direction.

_-EDMIX-_336d ago

Not really.

What gamers have been debating is just. If it wasn't, you wouldn't see EA reacting by altering the game several times in response. So I can't say that it was "for nothing".

MT was removed from the game

Tru_Blu336d ago

I saw them talking about how much of a disaster this is on cnbc, I think there is some bad publicity.

Cobra951335d ago

Bad publicity does hurt when consumer trust is involved. EA will feel the pinch even if they end up profiting from this game. They'll profit less, and the mistrust will follow them into other projects. Even their peers in the industry are taking a step back from them.

_-EDMIX-_336d ago


MOST legit don't care about this, I was reading this on this site and many other sites......still bought the game. Had no plans to buy any MT, so them turning it off didn't change me getting it or not. I like that they listened and its off, but I like actually PLAYING THE GAME in the first place.

Folks seriously need to understand this, down voting this person isn't going to STOP MILLIONS FROM PLAYING A GAME. You folks can get as mad as you want, cry as much as you want, down vote as much as you want, but this issue is not big enough to stop people from buying a game for fun. Until it becomes that, you won't see much change.

They had MT's = people mad
They got rid of MT= people mad

Sooooo look at it from a gamers perspective, if you are mad at EA with or without MT, you've just made your own point worthless to any gamer willing to listen. you've just confirmed, you hate EA regardless, soooooo do you really think many gamers will REALLY take this seriously when folks are giving death threats and rage with or without MT?

To the outside gamer, it simply seems like a bunch of crying.

Sooooo you actually in reality hurt your own movement when you go what I call "hard edge" ie RELENTLESS against a publisher or company. You show your point is you hate EA and not really MT, thus...most consumers don't understand the hate, most don't care. You've made the point a personal and emotional point vs one based on real logic.

Debate the practice, fine, debate the publisher, ok....but let it go when the publisher or company actually changes, to keep this up, might simply look like the group of gamers that feel this way, do based on something that has NOTHING to do with logic. I literally read online "haters are made when DLC is free, they are mad at MT, now they are mad that the MT is gone" that is what you are really seeing from gamers.

Did you guys think the hate for Battlefront 1 really hurt the game's sales? What? All 15 million of it?

When you hate regardless of situation, you make your point void really, really fast. You folks against MT or just when EA does it?

Someone who wants to buy Battlefront 2, is not going to listen to a person that has a hit list of EA employees.

Cobra951335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Hating an anti-consumer, studio-gobbling-and-killing business is not irrational, Ed. EA earned their hate, every step of the way, and this is what it has come to. You're right. This incident by itself is not the whole picture. The total damage they've done is much worse.

By buying the game, you're supporting EA. You're giving them a pass on their behavior. You're right--most people are not informed, and don't know better. You are, and you do.

Seafort335d ago

This will impact all their other games as well especially Anthem which is a multiplayer game too.

I am wary now that Anthem will suffer the same fate so I shall be watching EA every move they make with Anthem now and until launch.

If there is any sniff of MTs I won't be buying the game. It's as simple as that.

bigmalky335d ago

You've spent more time here trying to tell everyone how good the game is, instead of playing it Ed.

That's a bit telling. Troll or shill, which is it to be?

_-EDMIX-_335d ago

I'm having fun playing it right now it's a legitimately good game..

Neither of you need to like it or play it but you need to understand that Gamers will play games for fun and that trying to destroy a studio based on personal feelings is not really going to convince other Gamers to not purchase something they feel is fun.

The 10th Rider335d ago

You're delusional if you don't think it hurt the game's sales. Sure you could argue that it will still be profitable, sell loads, and that EA will be happy with the sales, but it's very clear that the game would have sold more without the controversy. All the Facebook ads of the game are spammed with comments about how awful the MT system is. That one comment is infamous on Reddit to the point that pretty much every single active user must have heard about it by now. That's tens of millions of people right there. Even it it deters just 1% of the people that heard about it from buying the game it could still knock down sales by a million. On top of that it's attracted the attention of Disney who is surely upset with EA over the bad press for a Star Wars game.

_-EDMIX-_335d ago

@10th- Thats nice.

Many who read about the MT were never going to buy the game in the first place. You folks made a fuse over Battlefront 1 and it went on to break several records....

Soooooo suuuuuuuuuuuurrrrre

The 10th Rider335d ago


Huh, will you look at this, a massive drop compared to expectations and the first game in the Battlefront reboot. You're just as wrong about this as you were about Breath of the Wild's sales, lol.

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SegaGamer336d ago

They deserve it, EA has been turning it's back on us gamers for years now. It's been all about the money rather than great games with EA for a long time now.

Apocalypse Shadow336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

I turned my back on EA years ago. The more they became ruthless and money hungry, the less and less I bought their products until I just ended up boycotting them for over a decade.

I've commented about them in the threads but there are those like moldy that still support them because of EA Access. Which is still EA being greedy. They are the only ones with that service. And in my opinion, it's because EA and Microsoft couldn't implement the used game policy at console launch.

If you remember, EA used to charge $10 to play online for used games because some developers figured they deserved a cut from used sales. If I sell my car or DVDs or whatever, companies like Paramount or Honda don't get money from used sales. Why should game companies?

Anyway, as soon as EA dropped the online pass, Microsoft announced the policy with EA right there salivating on the idea of either killing used sales. Or profiting on used sales as they have a large line up of used sports games, etc every year.

**Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers.**

EA would have been right there setting up shop to ask retailers for money guaranteed. When online pass wouldn't work, then Microsoft policy didn't work, they came up with EA Access. But some gamers can't see right through them jumping from one scheme to the next about used sales. Digital is the same because you can't trade your games in or lend it to a friend.

I really hope gamers are truly seeing EA for what they are. It can only benefit them in the short term and long term. Where gamers used to get a complete game with all items unlockable through play than today's piece meal selling of items and loot boxes to get gamers addicted on random gambling and forced slowed progression unless you pay money to speed it up. EA are scum.

letsa_go336d ago

Microsoft, along with EA and Activision have been the pioneers in trying to nickel and dime us to death with addons, dlc, and now microtransactions. I first noticed Microsoft's push for microtransactions in Doritos Crash Course 2 back in 2013. I knew something was up and it was a hint of things to come.

Krysis336d ago

Way to go way off topic by slamming a n4g user and Microsoft in a thread about EA and Battlefront 2 and it's anti consumer practices. An issue the gaming community set aside their differences for and rallied together to be heard, and for once it seems we made a difference and you go and try to turn it into a fanboy war again. Fu**ing congratulations.

GNCFLYER336d ago

Damn. I first started boycotting them in the first PS3 year. I had to see Madden on a new system. After that I realize it's only roster updates.

That's something we could download for 2 or 3 years than push a new one.

I quit Madden about 11 years ago and I'm a football junkie

Apocalypse Shadow336d ago

Good for you flyer. After things like NFL 2K, I was done with EA and roster updates like you said.

Some look at EA as just being a business. And they do have a right to do business. But the way they do it is greedy and scummy. But some gamers look the other way when EA pretty much implemented another way to get your money. And with loot boxes and micro transactions it's just more of the worst company in America doing their worst to gamers with a smile on their face.

Jinger336d ago

What's so bad about publishers and devs getting money for used games?

EA Access is one of the more consumer friendly things about EA. $30 a year and you get quite a large selection of games to play, large demos for upcoming games and if you want to buy it you get 10% off.

AnubisG336d ago (Edited 336d ago )


What's so bad about companies wanting money of used games? Guy, that game is your property once you buy it. Using your logic, whatever you sell, you should give royalties to the original maker right? What a dumb thing to even suggest.

gangsta_red335d ago (Edited 335d ago )


You seem to have forgetton to mention that Sony also implemented online passes for all thier first party games in an effort to also stop used games.

This was pretty much a joint effort with a lot of the big name devs and publishers when the whole *used games* issue was a hot topic last gen.

But I agree with Krysis, this is not the point and only reads like another comment to complain and drag MS into the mud.

bigmalky335d ago

I have been trying to tell people this for years. It goes in one ear and out the other, especially the loyal fans of the companies that screw them over at every opportunity.

Seems like there's a generation or two (along with weak willed older gamers) that are just used to being conditioned for a future that has a poor outlook. It ruins it for everyone.

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PhoenixUp336d ago

EA is still gonna EA with their other properties and the industry will still support them doing so