That Time Square Enix Made A Shooter Sequel To Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most influential roleplaying games of all time. Nine years after its release in 1997, Square Enix released a sequel that isn’t really talked about: the third person shooter Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

datriax2133d ago

"Nine years after its release in 1997, Square Enix released a sequel that isn’t really talked about: the third person shooter Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. "

There's a reason it's not talked about, and it's not because people don't know it exists. This game was a huge, blaring, warning siren as to what SE was going to do with Squaresoft's franchise. Abuse it, and whore it out to comedic levels.

Here we are today. Mission accomplished.

Pozzle2131d ago

Yeah, the game was hot garbage. The only reason it is sometimes brought up (like in articles like this) is because it has the Final Fantasy name attached to it. If it was a new IP, it would have been forgotten like all the other awful, clunky, ugly-to-look-at shooters that came out around that era.

The story was pretty awful too, and I don't know why Square made such an effort to retcon most of Vincent's backstory with confusing bullshit like Protomateria, and turning Chaos into a mini-WEAPON (and giving him that awful Tim Burton redesign), and introducing Vincent's weird Dracula-lookalike father. It was all just....garbage.

PhoenixUp2133d ago

FFXV: Episode Prompto reminded me of this game


Final Fantasy VII Remake Won't Be Complete Until Its Most Hated Spinoff Gets Remade

Crisis Core received positive reception as the latest entry into the FFVII: Remake Universe, but it won't be complete until Dirge of Cerberus is remade.

2moda5gamer233d ago

I think most would welcome a remake - there's a lot to improve.
Also the Yuffie DLC shows it's characters are far from forgotten, and a big highlight to the whole 7R experience.

Hofstaderman233d ago

They can cover Vincent via DLC . I wonder how he will control, I imagine like a more agile Barrett with Beast limit transformations

Reibooi233d ago

I loved Dirge back in the day but I have never gone back and played it because so many people hate it and I wonder if I was just a dumb kid or something.

That said a from the ground up remake would be great as it would be able to not only fix game play problems, but they could take another stab at telling the same story in a way that more easily fits in with what they are doing with the 7 Remake stuff now. But because of a lot of different factors, I doubt it will happen. More likely Square will either ignore it or just do a heavy remaster and tweak a couple things.

Fist4achin233d ago

Nah. Not dumb. I played it too. I don't remember much, so it probably wasn't anything to amaze gamers. Just another gaming experience.

phoenixwing233d ago

I never got a chance to play dirge of cerebus so if they remake it with better whatever I'll enjoy it I think

solideagle233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

my DP :p

It's gameplay was no offense bad...

CrimsonWing69233d ago

Eh, I mean yea, technically, but the story is so throw away. I guess mostly for Deep Dive, but Rebirth could tell more of Vincent’s backstory instead.

Cerberus ends on a cliffhanger so even with this remade the story wouldn’t be complete unless FF7 Remake somehow becomes a sequel to it and Genesis is in it.

NJShadow233d ago

ERMAGERD, Dirge of Cerberus!

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Servbot411230d ago

The Third Birthday was worse


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NewMonday1245d ago

FF6 for me. Still the best IMOO. there has never been a FF like it. It had no main character. It shifted between leads as the story evolves. Kind of like the TV show Lost(but with good ending).

jreeves821245d ago

Mine was 7. I was in my early teens and always thought RPGs were for nerds and never gave them a chance. Then 7 came along and I figured I'd give it a try and have loved Final Fantasy ever since.

Nacho_Z1245d ago

Same here, I only gave it a try because I kept on reading about what a great game it was, I didn't really fancy it because RPGs were new to me but now I'm very glad I bought it because it's possibly my best gaming memory ever.

1245d ago
solideagle1245d ago

I got ps2 and one friend gave me FF X. I didn't like it as sphere grid was too complex for me. This was my first time playing turned bases RPG. I gave it another chance after few months. I would play and my brother and friend watch and give me tips. Amazing time and experience