Remembering Our First Final Fantasy Experiences

The WayTooManyGames team discusses their first Final Fantasy experiences and how said games impacted them back in the day.

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NewMonday1010d ago

FF6 for me. Still the best IMOO. there has never been a FF like it. It had no main character. It shifted between leads as the story evolves. Kind of like the TV show Lost(but with good ending).

jreeves821010d ago

Mine was 7. I was in my early teens and always thought RPGs were for nerds and never gave them a chance. Then 7 came along and I figured I'd give it a try and have loved Final Fantasy ever since.

Nacho_Z1010d ago

Same here, I only gave it a try because I kept on reading about what a great game it was, I didn't really fancy it because RPGs were new to me but now I'm very glad I bought it because it's possibly my best gaming memory ever.

1010d ago
solideagle1010d ago

I got ps2 and one friend gave me FF X. I didn't like it as sphere grid was too complex for me. This was my first time playing turned bases RPG. I gave it another chance after few months. I would play and my brother and friend watch and give me tips. Amazing time and experience

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The story is too old to be commented.