Remembering Our First Final Fantasy Experiences

The WayTooManyGames team discusses their first Final Fantasy experiences and how said games impacted them back in the day.

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NewMonday1545d ago

FF6 for me. Still the best IMOO. there has never been a FF like it. It had no main character. It shifted between leads as the story evolves. Kind of like the TV show Lost(but with good ending).

jreeves821545d ago

Mine was 7. I was in my early teens and always thought RPGs were for nerds and never gave them a chance. Then 7 came along and I figured I'd give it a try and have loved Final Fantasy ever since.

Nacho_Z1545d ago

Same here, I only gave it a try because I kept on reading about what a great game it was, I didn't really fancy it because RPGs were new to me but now I'm very glad I bought it because it's possibly my best gaming memory ever.

1545d ago
solideagle1545d ago

I got ps2 and one friend gave me FF X. I didn't like it as sphere grid was too complex for me. This was my first time playing turned bases RPG. I gave it another chance after few months. I would play and my brother and friend watch and give me tips. Amazing time and experience

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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Review – The Returners Return

Gary Green said: We Europeans got royally screwed with the releases of the first six Final Fantasy games. I’m sure you’d find plenty of dodgy imports or bootlegs if you looked hard enough, but we never actually got a proper release for any of them, at least not for the first editions. There was a lot of xenophobia in gaming at the time, so anything Japanese getting released in the west at all was nothing short of a miracle. It was an ugly trend that continued well into the 2000s when worldwide releases became the new norm.

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Final Fantasy 9 Remake Wish List

With its existence looking more and more likely, there are several points the Final Fantasy 9 remake should hit to ensure it was worth the wait.

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shinoff218324d ago

Nah. Ff9 was a better game that many slept on when it released. Ff8 was a good one to, I hated the level scaling though. Still up there in the top 5 though. They sure don't make them like they used to unfortunately

Miraak82 23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

FF9 just represents the best of the series , I really hope it gets like the Link Awakening/Super Mario RPG treatment . FF8 on the other hand would need a complete overhaul from the combat to the story telling (because the story was really silly) , I remember hardly ever using magic as it was basically losing stats every time you used them especially the rarer junctions , the combat was basically attack, limit breaks, summoning and 80% of the time drawing magic . Only thing 8 had better was its card game .

Michiel198923d ago

you can't change that much about ff8 without completely demolishing it. Everything was connected, the junctioning, the combat, the gf abilites like turning cards into items and way more, you could do so many cool shit in ff8 and that would be lost if you make too many changes. Junctioning and magic was counterintuitive yeah, but it was all part of the minmaxing you could do. I think a change like when you junction something it takes how many you collected of that magic instead of your current amount (up to 99 ofc), I think that single change would solve a lot of problems already. You would have to draw less, you can use magic a lot more and you can still junction to the max like before.

Miraak82 23d ago

@Michiel1989 ya probably but it's also the reason why I'd rather just get a FF9 remake , it caters to the fans who've wanted to play a more traditional FF in the 3d realm since like FF10 almost 25 years ago . It has a more colorful and diverse cast of characters and world with a fun battle system with ability/spell progression that's tied to your equipment . FF8 the whole cast aside from their limit breaks and the world aside from Esthar city and the final areas didn't really do it for me , the towns , gardens and ruins all just had the same-y feel to them ( maybe it's just the color pallet) . With 9 I just feel like every character was unique within their role in a party and everywhere you went was a wholly different setting and experience .

_Decadent_Descent23d ago

Hell no! Leave that travesty in the forgotten annals of history.