Get $385 worth of games with the Humble Care Package Bundle

PC Aficionado: "Humble Bundle launched the Humble Care Package Bundle today. This bundle offers over $385 worth of games spread across 32 different titles. However, the set up is a little different than what would be expected."

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DarkOcelet434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

Been meaning to play Darkest dungeon and Stardew Valley for a while so it's a great purchase and having 27 titles for 30 bucks is a steal.

Snookies12434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

If I didn't already own a lot of these games, I'd totally grab this up. This is an awesome deal.

nowitzki2004434d ago

Sell the ones you own on G2A

datriax433d ago

I think you forgot your decimal, as these are surely worth something closer to $3.85, not $385.

If anyone willingly paid $385 for this collection of (mostly) schlock, then..... wow. No wonder the gaming industry is having a free-for-all on stupid people.