Science, Environment, and Horror: Looking Back at Dead Space

OnlySP breaks down how Visceral Games used science, environment, and the character of Isaac to make Dead Space such a memorable horror experience.

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annoyedgamer340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

I really liked Dead Space, even though it took some elements from Doom 3 (which I also liked) the game still sticks with me to this day. I feel bad for Amy and Visceral games, another studio destroyed by the EAmpire.

Omnisonne339d ago

I really liked the engineering puzzles, and the fact that you are an engineer first and a necromorph slayer second.
One of my favourite horror series, sad to see Visceral gone.

stefan_771339d ago

Never could get into these

aryan941339d ago

So awesome. 3 wasn't bad, just lost its way because they ate trying to extend the appeal too more players.

mercyblades339d ago

Dead Space 1 will always be a masterpiece to me. Too bad it didn't have regenerating stasis power and curb stomping corpses for items from DS2 though.