6 Memorable Levels from the Call of Duty Series

A new Call of Duty is upon us, and it looks like this iteration could be a return to form after a few shaky years of not quite being up to the high level of quality that the series has previously set the standard at. Whenever a new title emerges in something that has a lineage like COD, a period of reflection is usually born upon its release, where you ruminate on whether it reaches the dizzying highs of some of your favorite games in the series. We bask in that period now, where today we look back at some of the most memorable levels from one of the most popular video game series in the world.

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DirtyPete1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I love so many levels but then again as crazy as it sounds im a COD single player fan. Nothing will beat the intensity i felt the first time I played all ghillied up in COD 4 tho. At the time, I had never experienced anything like that in gaming.

joab7771316d ago

I loved many of them too, but the formula has become so stale. Almost comical at times. WW2 is like a shell of a good story. I rented it to play the story campaign quick and I couldn’t even get through it. They need to spice it up.

cahivokuv1316d ago

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kevnb1316d ago

I think the single player has been mediocre at best since call of duty 2.

porkChop1315d ago

The campaigns in COD4 and [email protected] were really good. Blops 1 and AW were also pretty decent.

Yui_Suzumiya1316d ago

All Guilled Up! and No Russian.

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