Amazon Countdown To Black Friday Sale: Weekend Highlights

If you just can’t wait until Black Friday 2017 to play a new game, Amazon is offering discounts up to 60% off on several titles, including games that were just released recently. If you’re interested, you can find out more information right below here.

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Retroman342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

As a ex-sale associate

A sale is Not what the public think.
A sale is a illusion . what really happening : old un-sold Merchandise got to be "Pushed" make room for New season merchandise .
Therefore illusion of a Discount is produced . in Reality a percentage set price is lower to seam like a deal which is "Not " Only old products is presented as merchandise to be sold mainly on Black Friday.

if Pspro -X1X on sale im sure Only as a Bundle for New release title.

These are the things Retailers don't want blind public to know. " it is Greater to lie " for money than to tell the Truth to receive no money.

This like the medical field : there Noooo money in Healing patients , but Billions of dollars keeping them sick.

Nodoze342d ago

GT67 - In some cases this is true....BUT when I can get a brand new game that retails for 59.99 for 19 bucks or sometimes less...that is INDEED a sale. I use Black Friday deals to score multiple titles from that year at bargain basement prices. To each their own, but be mindful that some of the deals are not really deals.

Retroman342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

That's my whole point exposing how retailer work. Deals are Not really Deals .
I gave a detailed insight .

And the products not sold after Christmas is Dumped in Dumpster 3rd week of January following year. then you have Dumpster Diver collecting those un-sold ps4 -X1X games . this been happening since Snes_Sega -ps1 days. no one knew about it.

341d ago
Summons75342d ago

Hey, less money is less money. Why would I pay $50 for ONE pair of pants when I know eventually they will be on sale or clearance for a much less ridiculous price? Same with games/TVS/PCs/tablets, sure it's common knowledge they are trying to get rid of old stock, it's far from an "illusion". Black Friday though has a lot of new product on sale as well. It's the stores biggest sales day next to the few days after Christmas.

BLAKHOODe342d ago

So a just released game that normally goes for $60, like Assassin's Creed Origins for $30 is an illusion? That's the kinda abracadabra I like to be fooled seeing.

TGG_overlord341d ago

Nice! But I'm already drowning in games, so I'm all good ;) What I need right now is a new Gaming rig.