Why Titanfall studio Respawn sold to EA

Electronic Arts announced it will acquire Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment for as much as $455 million on Thursday, in its biggest deal since it acquired PopCap Games for $750 million in 2011. The deal brings Respawn's Titanfall property into EA's fold of first-person shooter franchises.

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Sciurus_vulgaris345d ago

I am still shocked the studio sold for so much.

InTheZoneAC344d ago

almost seemed like they'd be going for 10x less...

oasdada344d ago

Pop cap sold for $750mil

Fist4achin345d ago

EA got money to throw around!

DillyDilly345d ago

Watch Microsoft buy EA hehe

344d ago
FallenAngel1984344d ago

Respawn went from a group of disgruntled independent Activision developers to selling to their company to become potentially disgruntled EA developers.